Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


48. Oh Really...

Your POV-

you groan as you wake up , you have the mother of headache .you open your eyes and search for niall but he isnt in the room so you quickly change into : as you walk downstairs you meet greg in the hall “together ?” he ask “yup together”you answer and you walk together downstairs into the kitchen where all the boys sit . Harry, Zayn and Louis laughing their asses off when they see your faces but Liam and Niall looking not as if they want to laugh . “morning”you say and sit on the counter next to greg . ” look Liam i know you are disappointed in me and so on but please make it short i have the mother of headaches ” you say “im not disappointed in you Honey , but im very angry with greg how can you let her get drunk ????” he ask “i dont know i was drunk too “he mumble and you laugh “this isnt very funny greg ,she could be hurt”niall say ”you are so boring man , she isnt hurt . come on babe this night was fun , high five “he say and you high five him . “you two are unbelivable “niall says but grin “am i the only one in this room who thinks that this was a stupid action ????” liam ask and look at the others “i mean its stupid but they pay for it “zayn says and look over to you “yup hes right , has anybody aspirin ?”you ask , “sit down babe i get you some “niall say and kiss you . “can you get me some too ???”greg ask “nope”he says and give you the aspirin and water . after 15 minutes the aspirin works and you feel better . you have to leave earlyer because the boys have to go recording , so you pack your things and drive to the airport . you dont have to wait long until your flight get called so you just sit there and talk until its time to leave “i will miss you little (Y/N) “greg says and hugs you tight , you hug nialls mum and dad too and then get into the plane . “i like you familiy they are soo kind “you say and smile “awww i think they like you too , particularly greg and the twins . “he say and kiss your fore head . you sleep in nialls lap until your phone start buzzing , you groan and answer the call “hello ?”“Heeeeyyy its me Dave ““hey davie whats up?”“do you want to come over to my house today ? shane and Timo comes too ““yes sure i ll be there at 15.30 o’clock ““okey see ya later babe bye ““yeah bye “you say and hung up “i go over to Daves this afternoon , Timo and shane are there too “you say to nobody special , but niall pout “i thought you come to the recording studio with me ?”he ask “sry nope , but i come later and bring you food “you say and a smile grow on his face .as you walkout of the airport there are tons of fans and paps , niall quickly take your hand , but sign a few things and take pics . when you finally get into the car you look at your clock it says 15.15 o’clock and suddenly you remember that Dave live in the corner around the airport “boys i walk to dave he lives over there “you say and point in the direction where he lives . they all say goodbye to you and you get out of the car . all the fans notice that and ask you where you going without the boys ” i go to a friend , they have to go recording for their new album , but i go later to the recording studio too and bring them food “you say kind and keep on walking . after 5 minutes you finally reach daves house , you know that tons of paps are behind you so you quickly send a text message to shane and ask if she could open the door .thankfully she did “hey honeyyy i missed you so much , where have you been ?”she ask while hugging you . you quickly hug the oters too and then sit down “uhm me and the boys were in mullingar “you say and smile “there are rumours niall proposed to you at the last concert “Timo say and raises an eye brow at you “yup we are engaged “you say and show them your ring “wow babe this ring is gigantic , i guess these are real diamonds “”yeah “you say shy because you didnt want that niall spend so much money on you but he has just shrug his shoulders and said “you are my financée and i love to spend all my money on you “. you chat a little bit with them about weddings and things like this when you decide to turn on the Tv . a Tv show comes on with Mila why the fuck is Mila in a Tv show ? you ask yourself “well mila there are roumors that you and niall horan are engaged , is it true ?”the interviewer ask and you look speechless at your friends “yeah we are happy engaged “she answers and smiles , the whole audience beginst to shout her down . “well i think the audience dont think so . lets ask some of the people why “he say and walk to the audience when he reaches miley “miley nice to meet you . what do you think about it ?”the interviewerr ask “(Y/N) and Niall are engaged , i saw the ring on her finger and there are tons of videos , where you can see niall propose to her “she explains and gives Mila a death stare . “well this is awkward “he says and walks back to Mila who sits there speechless

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