Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


29. Not Again...

Your POV-

you wach Tv with the boys until its time to go . you go downstairs and drive to the adress to get your outfit . you look in the bag your outfit is in :  you look nervous at the heels they are 17 cm high . you arrive at the hotel and walk in “Hello ??? is anybody here “you yell into the empty lobby . nobody answers you and you remember that the photograter is upstairs at the roof . the elevator do not work so you have to walk up by foot . as you arrive at the roof nobody is there . you hear a loud klick behind you and see a man locking the door as he turn around you can see his face : its the man who raped you

“hello missed me honey , i know you think im in the prison but SURPRISE im not “he says and smile mean “what do you want from me ?”you ask coldly “i want to end our little game princess . are you excited ? lets start “he says and comes over to you ” dont touch me ” you shout .hes almost there when you run away thankfully the roof is very big . but you lose your balance and fall .”do you want to play catch first ? it was always my favorite game ” you gasp and try to get up but he catches your arm and spin you around “too bad that you not live anymore tomorrow “he says and shake his head . you look at him in shock “omg you have to see your face right now its price less “he laugh and take out a gun “when i-i-i d-dont come back t-t-the boys comes a-a-and search m-m-me . they k-k-now where i-i-i am . “you stutter . “these 5 idiots wont find you trust me , and now lets have a little dinner ” he says lifts you up and carrys you to and table with two chairs . he trys to feed you but you dont open your mouth so he loses fast his patience and slap you hard “WHEN I SAY YOU HAVE TO EAT ,YOU EAT UNDERSTOOD ?”he yells and you can barly nodd light points dancing in front of your eyes . you open your mouth and he feeds you somthing nasty .you throw up and he hits you with the end of his gun . you fall down on the ground and feel warm blood run down your face “YOU ARE ILL !!!”you yell and press your hand against your head . he dont answers and kick you in the sormatch . “and now lets skype a little bit with your boyfriend . here you read your text from this cards dont try to shout for help or say that im here with you understood ? “he say and you nodd , he pulls out his laptop and you have to logg in . you start a video call with niall and he answers immediately . he waves as his face pop on the screen “hello princess how is work ?” he ask but then he notice the blood on your head “(Y/N) what is with your head ?” “i uhm fell . niall i break up with you im sorry . im not at the sparkle hotel anymore im far away dont search me bye “you say and close the screen

-Nialls POV-

“i uhm fell. niall i break up with you im sorry . im not at the sparkle hotel anymore im far away dont search me bye ” she says and the video call end . i gasp something about this was wrong she read the text from cards . i run down to tell the boys . “boys (Y/N) is in danger “i yell liam react as the first one “what why ?” ” she video called me on skype , all over her head was blood and she said she break up with me and that she is far away from here . but i can tell that she read this text from cards . “i end they all look at me in pure shock . ” i call the police “harry yells and runs out of the room .

-Harrys POV-

“hello ?”a mans voice ask “hello styles here , is the man from the (Y/N) payne case in the prison ?”i ask “sorry but i cant tell you that “the man answers. i discuss 5 more minutes with him “please she could be dead !” i yell “what ??what is going on who is dead “he asks. i tell him the whole story “ok where is she or was she ?”“she was on the roof from the sparkle hotel ” “ok we drive there and look whats going on . “the man answers and hung up . i run back into the living room . “the officer said that the man who raped (Y/N) isnt in the prison , we have to drive to the hotel she could be dead !”i explain they all jump up and get into my car . i start driving but theres a big stoppage on the street “FUCK” louis yelled . zayn and liam open the doors and run away in the direction where the hotel is .

-Your POV-

it seems to makes him fun to torture you . now you have bleeding injuries all over your body . the last option you have is to kick him in the balls . you take your last energy and kick him as hard as you can . he falls to the ground and groans . you stand up and run to the door thankfully the key is still in the keyhole . you rip open the door and run to the stairs . but ou lose your balance again and fall down the whole stairs you can hear him run after you . before you pass out you see his ugly eyes and his laughing mouth

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