Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


13. Nope

Your POV-

“nope ” you reply but then you laugh .”just kidding , i would love to be your princess ” you say and the biggest smile you ever see grew on his face . he put the ring on your hand and liftet you up and spin you around . the whole arena begins to cheer you both smile and he lays you down on the couch . after that he look at you the whole concert at you and when its turn to ask questions over twitter , tons of fans asking for a kiss between the two of you . so niall picks you up bridal style and kisses you gently on the lips . “i love you “he wispers in your ear . “awwwww how cute , but niall take care , she is still MINE !!” louis yells and we begin to laugh . they answer a few more twitter questions and then leave the stage , you follow them backstage and sit down on the chair in their dressing room . they change quickly so we can go home to get some sleep before we have to leave for the big US tour , wich starts tomorrow. as we arrive at our apartement we all say our goodbyes , expected niall , because he take care of you this night . you put on . cuddle into his chest . “im the happiest boy on earth right now and im so happy that you forgave me ” he says and kiss you on top of your head , soon you are in a deep sleep and sigh in comfortable . the next morning you have to get up at 3 o’clock so you can catch your flight . so you quickly get up and pack your lagguge ( and change into .  after that you wake niall up by kissing him . ” urgh i dont want to get up babe , its too early “he groans and you begin to laugh . you and niall go downstairs - he carries you bridal style - and eat some snacks . after a whie the whole band comes in the kitchen to and joke around . ” our new tour manager josh and his son will pick us up at the airport . his son is in your age (Y/N) by the way ” liam says with a wink “when he touch her hes dead ” niall says , he sound very serious . “haha oh nialler ” you say and peck him on the lips . a few minutes later you all have to leave , as you arrive at the airport , naill and you walk around and get some drinks from starbucks . you walk around until your flight get called and take a sit on your seats . in the first class of course . the flight is very exhausting , but you sleep the whole time in nialls lap . as the airplane tuch down you strech and groan ” oh sleepy head over there is awake ” louis teases you and kiss you on the cheek ” come on lets get out of here and search our luggage and josh . he will be with us the whole time right ?” harry asks “yup , i hope he is a kind guy ” liam says . we walk outside as we finally find our luggage and wak outside there are tons of fans . the boys sign a few papers and take pictures even you sign a few and take pics , you hug a girl when you mention tat liam waves happy , you look you the same direction like him and gasp in shock , your worst nightmare becomes real .

so this is part 13 , sry but its very short . i hope you liked it nevertheless . text me if you want a part 14 , and see why you are so shocked <3 ;)

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