Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


28. No Matter What

Your POV-

you start to cry too “why me ?? why do you always disappoint me huh ?”you shout . “i told you that im sorry , your the best thing that happens to me i just cant live without you , i know i shouldnt have done this but when you leave me i dont know why to live anymore “he crys .you roll over into his lap and put your arms around his neck “i forgive you but this is your last chance .”you say because you love him and you cant imagine live without him . the other boys roll their eyes “why do you always forgive him no matter what ?” liam ask “because i think i love him li “you answer . you turn on the Tv and a talkshow with demi comes (I=interviewer D=demi )

I: Hello . can you tell us what happend at the grammys yesterday ?

D: sadly i dont won one , but i its ok

I:oh i dont mean that .

the interviewer points to the Tv in the studio and the video from your speech plays

I: u want to say something about it ?


I:well lets hear what (Y/N) says to this , randomly i have her phone number .

you look shocked at the boys when your phone suddenly begins to ring you answer (Y=you N=niall A= all the boys)

Y: Hello ?

I: hello , its Alan Carr from chatty man

Y:Alan hi ! what can i do for you

I:well i have this lovely lady here , her name is demi , do you want to say something about yesterday

Y: honestley ? i want to ask her if she dont feel ashamed

D: no im not feel ashamed you bitch dont deserve him

Y: niall dont think so and by the way we watch chatty man right now me and all of the boys

A: helloooooo

Y:oh and before i forget it , how does it feel when the whole world hate you huh ?

D:well i dont care , im so glad you and niall are not a couple anymore

N:who said that we are not together anymore ?

D:i thought you chose me ?

N: You ? never ! you are bitch . (Y/N) is the most perfect person in the world , your not even pretty wit your ass-chin .

Y:i hope that answers your question .bye , me and niall have better things to do than speaking with a niveau less ass-chin person

you say and hung up .the whole audience cheers . you high-five Niall and laugh “ass-chin ? ” you ask and the whole boys begins to laugh . your phone starts to ring . “Hellooooo ?”” hello , i have a job for you its today at the evening , before you go to the job you have to get your clothes at the 45th west .and then you go to the roof from the sparkle Hotel ok ?”“ok thanks bye “you reply and hung up . “i have a job this evening on the roof from the sparkle hotel “you say and smile . “uhm (Y/N) the sparkle hotel is emty ….. “liam says

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