Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


53. Next Week!!!!

Your POV-

you look at niall “yes niall i forgive you but this is the last time i do that “you say and kiss his tears away . he pull out the engagement ring and put it on your finger “i love you , i love you so much . I LOVE HER “he yells and all the strangers begin to cheer . niall takes your head in his hands and kiss you and god you missed this feeling so much . but now you remember what you wear and quickly go in Forever 21 your favorit shop and buy : you go home and cuddel the whole ride with niall “im so glad you forgive me i-i-i dont do this again , i want to make each day to your best day”he say and kiss you . you dont regent that you forgive him , but its his last chance thats for sure . niall take a pic of you two kissing and tweet it with the caption :i finally have my princess back love you @(Y/T/N) xxxx your prince <3 :) . after 2 minutes #Niallhashisprincessback and #wearesohappyforNialland(Y/N) is trending. you cuddel the whole night and every 5 minutes niall tells you how much he loves you and how gorgeous and perfect you are . the next morning you have an interview (what a surprise) . so you put on this : “omg im so nervous “you whine “why ???”he ask “because i never had an interview where people sit in the studio and watch you “you say . you are at the Tv show Ellen Degeneres , and waiting nervous that you can walk out . “Helloooooooo first let us welcome the sweetest couple ever (Y/N)payne and Niall Horan “she say , the audience begins to cheer and the music begins to play . “come on babe “nialls say and takes your hand . you put on your widest smile and wave as you walk out . you hug ellen and sit down next to niall he has still your hand in his wich compforts you a little bit (E=ellen ,N=niall,Y=you )

E: its so nice to meet you (Y/N) the whole world speaks about you

Y: thank you , nice to meet you too ! i hope only good things (you laugh cute )

E: yeah good things (she laught mechivieous) . now niall what was that at the time square yesterday (show the audience pics )

N: i apologize to my princess

E: for what if im allowed to ask ?

N: we had a little fight , but thats normal for couples right ?

E: yeah deffenetly , whats about your engagement ?

Y: yep we are engaged (you show her the ring )

E: WOW thats a ring my godness . i hope im invited to the wedding ????

N: yeah sure , but first i want to tell (Y/N) something , i know we wanted to wait a few years until we marry but i thought why dont we marry next week ????

Y: wait that means you have planed the whole wedding ? (he nod ) omg yes ! thank you niall (you kiss him )

E: wow someone is happy

N: i know what (Y/N)s dream wedding is , the invitations are sent and everything is ready .

Y: omg i cant belive this , hes really the best soon-husband i can ask for

you chat a little bit more with ellen about the wedding . as you arrive backstage you hug niall tight and kiss him “thank you so much i love you “

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