Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


30. My Game is not Finished

Liams POV-

i run down the street zayn a few stepps behind me . we run as quick as we can and 1 minute later we arrive at the hotel . the front door is open . i look unsure at zayn “come on lets go inside . where the fuck is the police ” he asks and look angry at his clock . we enter the empty hotel and suddenly we hear horrible screams and shrieks . we dont hesitate and run up the stairs . we arrive at the roof but the door is locked . zayn break it up . i stumble at the roof and look around where is she ?zayn look around too suddenly i feel an arm put around my throat and somthing cold touch my temple . “(Y/N) come here or he dies ” a man yells i hear footsteps . then i see (Y/N) she has bleeding injuries all over her body . ” bind pretty boy over there at the chair “the man commands . “Z-Z-Zayn come on “she stutter zayn she puts a chair in front of me and sit down she bind him so he cant move or leave

-Your POV-

“now babe why dont you slap him i bet he looks better with an big bruise on his cheek “he says and press the gun harder at liams kopf . “I CANT, i cant hurt him “you cry . “do you want me to kill him ?” he says and points at liam “NO !! please i do anything you want but please dont let me hurt one of the boys ” you yell ” (Y/N) come on its only a clip round the ears . “zayn tries . you look at him . lift up your hand and slap him right in the face , “im so sorry zayn so so sorry “you say . but the man lift up his gun and hit liam at the temple . liam fall on the floor and pass out . you run over to him and sit beside him , his head in your lap “hold on Li i swear to god you come out of here , please dont die “you wisper and stroke his hair “what are you doing bitch are you serious ? “he yells slaps you and pull you away from liam .

-Nialls POV -

“Fuck the traffic “i yell “sorry hazza but i have to go and find her ” i say open the door and run away . as i arrive at the hotel i run straight upstairs to the roof , i can hear (Y/N) crying .liam lay on the floor unconscious . Zayn sits on a chair with a big bruise on his cheek and finally i find (Y/N) who has a gun on her temple , thankfully the man dont notice me . and suddenly i have an idea there is a second chair . i slink over to it and take it finally i slink back and hit the mans head with the chair with my whole energy he falls on the ground and passes out . (Y/N) falls on the ground and passes out too . i let zayn free and he stand up ” i carry (Y/N) and you liam ok ? come on we have to be quick “i say and lift her up bridal style and carry her down the stairs , zayn carrys liam and as we arrive at the lobby we see harry and lou waiting for us “qucik ! we have to drive them to the hospital !” i yell and get in the car . we drive as qick as possible to the nearest hospital and carry (Y/N) and liam into the casualty unit . a doctor comes and take the two away from us . we sit down in the waiters room . “do you think she becomes okay ?” i ask sad . “yeah i think so shes a strong girl “harry says and smiles . we wait and wait but nothing happen . then suddenly after 3 hours liam steps in the room with a big white bandage around his head . “how are you li ? every thing ok ?” i ask . he just nodd and sit down next to me . my phone start to ring i answer “Hello ? ” ” my game is not finished , see ya later “a dark mans voice say and then hung up .

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