Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


42. Mrs.Horan?

Your POV-

“hey Leon , a caramel frappoccino please ” you say , stand up and hug him . he walk away to get your order . zayn look at you with a raised eye brow “what ? hes my friend boo “you defend yourself “yeah i know but please not here ok ?” he answer and you nod . “so (Y/N) i heard you are a model huh ?” Brett says “yep im a VS angel , to be honest i love your show Awkward “you say and smile cute “hahah thanks . when Zayn ask us to come here , brett called me and speak nonstop about you a whole hour youre his celebrity crush ” Beau says with a wink , Brett gets really red and hit beau in the chest . “excuse me for a minute ” you say and go in the direction from teh toilets as you hardly crash into somebody . you feel something cold running over your shirt “OMFG (Y/N) im so so so sorry “Leon whines and you give him a death stare “yeah but that makes my shirt not dry , and i think i have a ice cube in my bra “you hiss and run into the toilet thankfully you have a skirt and a top in your bag . you quickly change into : and walk out . you walk back at your table “hey im back ” you say and smile “uhm babe why have you change your outfit i love the first one ” Brett says “well me too but this idiot over there crashed into me and my whole frappoccino runs down my top , and i dont say where the ice cubes were , thankfully i had something to change in my bag “you reply . “uhm sorry again can i get you something else ?”leon ask “no leon just let us alone ok ? i have engough from you today “you answer and he sadly walks away . you chat a few hours with Beau , brett and zayn and take a few pics but then you have to leave . “bye boys this was very funny thanks for the nice afternoon “you say and hug them “awwww no problem love “brett reply , beau and brett ask you if they can have your number and you give it to them . “wow they are soooo kind “you say as you get into the car and drive home . “weee areee hooommmmeeeee “zayn yells as you enter the apartment .you walk into the living room and see niall and harry siting on the couch . “hey babe “you say peck his lips and you sit down next to him “where were you ?” Harry ask “well me and zayn had some fun “you say and show them the pics with beau and brett “you meet them in this outfit ???”niall ask “what is wrong with that outfit ?”you ask back “well its so damn hot you know “he mumble and kiss your neck “i wore an other outfits as we left , but i crashed into leon at starbucks and he spill my drink over my shirt , so i have to change “you explain . “hahaha sooo shy arent you boo hahahaha “zayn says and grin “why ?”niall ask suspicious “uhm uhm Brett is kind of my celebrity crush “you stutter “who Brett ? Brett Davern ? “he ask and you nod “ok hes not a rival for me “he reply and kiss you . you go upstairs to go and cange for the concert . as you walk in you see a big bag with a note : please wear this for tonight princess xxx love you lots Niall . you shrug your shoulders and change into : . as you walk down the stairs the boys gasp “wow you look absolutely gorgeous “Liam says and all the other boys agree .you all get into the car and drive to the arena where the boys sing . “today you sit on the stage princess “niall says you smile and sit down at the chair . you wait there a few minutes and then finally the show starts . the boys do their job great and you enjoy every minute of it . at half of the concert the boys disappears for a minute backstage and then come back “before we start again i want to do something “niall says and walks over to you and kneels down “(Y/N) i love you more that anything in the world , do you want to give me the honor of beeing Mrs Horan ?”he ask and pull out a box with a stunning Ring in it .

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