Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


40. Morning Babe

Nialls POV-

“well i dont think she find anybody better to marry , i aprove too , “he say and smile i sigh ” the next show is tomorrow , we have to go and buy a ring ” Harry say “yeah ok can you come with me ?”i ask “sure man “he reply and smile . you all walk into the room where she and her friends wait . “hey guys you did it great “(Y/N) say and hug everybody “im so proud of my boys”. she puts her arms around my neck “i love you , the song you sang for me was so nice thank you “she say and look deep in my eyes . i lean in and kiss her “i love you more my princess “i say she smiles and oh man i love rher smile so much its like the sun . we quickly dress in our old clothes and then get all into the car and drive shane , timo and Dave home . we all exhaused down on the couch as we arrive at home “urghhh im soooooo tired “louis groans but dont stand up and walk in his room . we chat a little bit what happened at the night and then decide to sleep all together in the living room because nobody has the desire to stang up and walk to their beds .so i lay on the couch my arms around (Y/N)s waist . louis infront of us at the ground liam and harry are on the couch too and zayn sleep at the small couch . nobody really wants to sleep so we wach Saw 3 . at the half of the movie (Y/N) begins to tremble . “this is soooo scary “she whines and i put my arms protective aroung her “shhh its a movie , in the reality nobody can kill you “i say . suddenly the phone begins to ring “OMG JIGSAW CALLS NIALL DONT ANSWER THE PHONE “she whine , harry and Louis start to laugh their asses off “hhahahahahahahaha omg this is priceless hahaha “louis laughs . ” dont worry jigsaw dont excist they are just mean , i protect you princess nobody do something to you “i say and she hides her face in my chest . after 30 minutes she fall asleep and we turn off the Tv and try to sleep too

-Your POV-

as you awake at the next morning you dont lay on the couch anymore . you hear somebody groan under you ,you have to hold back a giggle , in the night you fell down on louis .”woah (Y/N) why are you so heavy ?”he groans “sorry ? and no im not heavy “you say and laugh . “what ? wait (Y/N)?babe where are you ?”niall ask with a sleepy voice “im here nialler on top of louis hahah “you reply you fell that niall put his arms around your waist and lift you up and lay you dwn beside him . “morning babe “he groans with his morning voice “hey “you just say and peck him at the lips .”hey lou , want to play a prank on hazza ?”you ask challenging . “sure whats the plan ?” he ask back suddenly full awake and with a sassy smile on his face “we straighten his hair “you say and grin mean “hahah best prank ever ok lets start ” he say and rub his hands together , you quickly get zayns straightener and then begin “woah guys you are subhuman , poor harry “niall says . “and now i paint his nails “louis says and get a bright pink nail polish from your room . you quickly paint each of his nails and then wait until they are dry . 10 minutes later harry wakes up and try to make his hair like he always does . “what ? why is my hair smooth ? (Y/N) ,Louis and Niall what the fuck have you done with my hair “he whines and you see tears falling down his cheeks “uhm hahah look at your nails “louis laughes harry gasp “(Y/N) i thougt we were a team you know that pink isnt my clour , you are a bad bad girl “he say . you roll over onto his lap and wipe his tears away “sorry hazza , i dont know you start crying “you say but he smiles “hahahah no problem , now i have to wash my hair . After that niall and i go shopping and you are not invited “he say and laugh mean “what why ?”you whine “thats your punishment “he laughs

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