Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


33. Leon

Your POV-

“close all the entrences and call the police ” paul yells in his radio device . the fans getting restless and liam calm them down all the boys sit down and you stand next to zayn . suddenly some fans getting very nervous and yell something too you but youdont understand it so you smile and wave . then something hit your temple and you fall on the floor . “i said that i come and visit you again “the killer whispers in your ear . the security is not fast enough but zayn jumps up and punches the man in the face . he falls on the floor , his nose begins to bleed . about 20 police men and one doctor run on the stage . the police take the man with them and a doc cares about your temple wich bleeds . “ok guys sorry for that little incident . we sing now 2 more songs and than we have to leave , you were an amazing crowd . Thank you so much for supporting us ” liam says and the whole audience cheers . they sing their last two songs and then we all walk backstage . “who wants to go eating too ? im starving “niall groans “haha nialler you are starving all the time “you laugh . “yup can we go to nandos ?”he ask you all agree and paul drives you to the nearest nandos .you sit down and order your food . as you look around you notice a familiar person : Leon from the starbucks . he notice you too and you wave over to him . the boys look over to him too Liam , Harry and zayn with a little smile on their faces , Niall with hate and jealousy and Louis with a big cheeky grin . 2 sekonds later your phone buzzed , it says one new text from Starbucks-boy ;) . hey nice to see you . uhm my friend here want to meet you they are huge fans of yours and the boys please xx Leon . you grin and give him a thumb up .”uhm boys i go over to leon for a second ok ?” you excuse yourself , stand up and walk over . you greet leon with a hug and wave to the others wich are 4 boys and 4 girls “hey im (Y/N) “you say politely to rhe boys. the 5 boys stand up and come over to you “uhm is it ok when each of us make a pic with us you are very sexy you know “one of them asks shy . “sure who want to start ?” you ask and a tall boy with brown curls and brown eyes raises his hand and pull out his phone . you take his and and put it around your waist and then smile it the camera . the other boys did exactly the same . the boy with the curly hair smiles “we dont belive Leon when he said he has your number , uhm do you want to give me your number too ? i mean we can hang out somethimes , you me the boys and the girls “he asks shy “yeah sure give me your phone so i can put in my number ” you say and tipe it in . now you turn to the girls “hey im (Y/N) ” you smile and give them all a hug . ” you all look very often to the boys over i guess you are fans ? who is your favorite one ?” you ask the first one named shane likes liam , the girl with the brown curls likes of cours hazza her name is lizzy ,the girl with the gorgeous eyes , Linda likes zayn and finally the girl who smiles the whole time , Lara likes louis . “well girls i can ask the boys for autograms but i dont think they come over , they are very tired from their show tonight , but wait a minute “you say and run over to the boys ” hey boys can i have autogramms from hazza , lou , boo and Li ? ” “ok sure “the answer and sign a few ones . i run back and give the girls the cards “omg thank you sooo much ” Linda says . you sit down and chat a little bit with them , after 10 minutes all the girls and boys have your phone number , they look sad as you say goodbye but you make up with them to meet at the beach tomorrow .” the friends from leon are very nice “you say and sit back down next to niall . who kiss you so obviously that the whole table sees it . “niall “you mumble and pull away “what ?? i want to show them that your are mine , the said you are sexy !”he explains . ” well you have to get used to this i go to the beach with them tomorrow . “you say and kiss his cheek , he grumble but dont say anything else

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