Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


35. Kisses

You POV-

“how do you notice it ?” you ask and look down at your feet . ” when hes around you he acts totally funny and sweet . and he speaks about you nonstop “Dave say and laugh , you feel your cheeks getting really red “aww somebody gets red cheeks , do you love him too ?” he ask , now serious “i like him but not in that way i mean i have a boyfriend wich i love very much , but i dont know how to act now , now that i know that hes in love with me “you mumble “act like you dont know something , im a dead man when he knows that i tell you this .” he says and you laugh . “nope i promise i dont say anything , now lets go back to the others “you say and walk back . niall hug you from behind “come on lets go babe “he mumble and kiss your neck . you say one more time goodbye and then get into Hazzas car .”your friends are really nice “liam say and smile . as you arrive at the apartment you go and shower . as you walk back into the livingroom harry speaks with someone at your phone “Styles ! what the hell are you doing with my phone !!”you yell and jump on top of him and grap your phone “helllooooo ?” “hey its Leon , do you want to come over ? me and the rest having a sleep over ” he asks “yeah when should i come over ?” “uhm the others arrive in about an hour ” “yeah ok i come , see ya later ” you say and hung up . ” Harry Edward Styles what the hell have you told Leon ?” you ask and he giggles mischievous ” This boy is so madly in love with you , that was so obviously . ” he laugh and fall on the ground “why do you laughing so hard ?” you ask “b-b-because when i tell t-t-this Niall t-this poor boy is d-d-dead hahaha ” “woah hazza you dont tell this Niall otherwise you are dead understood ?” you say “ok ok i dont say anythig “ha say “okay well now i have to pack my things i go over to his house tonight we and the others have a sleep over together . “you say “aha WE ????” he tease “fuck off styles “you say and hit him playfully in the stomach . you walk into your and nialls room change into : and you pack a bag with : you go back downstairs , all the boys sit on the couch and watch Arielle the mermaid . “are you not a little bit too old for this “you ask and laugh .”noooooo ” louis whines . Niall lays you down i his lap “where do you think you are going princess ?” he ask ”i go over to Leon , me and he and the oters have a sleep over at his house tonight , hey babe can you give me a ride ?”you ask “urgh why do you go to HIM ?????” he ask and ignore your question “because we are friends babe “you answer and look to Zayn “hey Zaynie can you drive me to Leon maybe ? this stubborn thing here dont want to “you say “sure come on “he say and smiles . “ok bye everybody love ya “you say and give them all a hug . Zayn drive you quickly to Leon “thanks boo “you say and give him a hug for goodbye “bye have fun “he say with a smirk on his face and you roll your eyes . you walk to the door - Leon lives in a gigant villa - and knock . “Hey (Y/N) ,come in ” leon say and greet you with a hug . you walk trough a big floor . “wow”you say as you walk into a gigant living room . where everybody is waiting . “hey guys “you say and hug everybody .”hey lets play spin the bottle ” Lizzy shouts and smirks . “ok the rules are : no matter if its a girl or boy you have to kiss him or her . and the dare must not be a kiss ” dave explains and everybody nod . Dave start and spin the bottle it points in Leons direction . suddenly a mischievous smile appears on his face “truth or dare “he ask “truth “leon answers “come on dont be boring “dave groans “okay okay i coose dare ” “oke then kiss (Y/N) “he says with a smirk and you give him a death stare . Leon walks over to you and sit down “ready ? “he ask and you nod . he leans in and press his lips agains yours .after about 10 seconds you pull away . Leon walks back to his place between timo and linda . she wispers him somthing in his ear and he wispers something back . “ok (Y/N) please spin “dave says . the bottle points at Timo “ok timo truth or dare ?”you ask “hmmm dare “he say ”okay then kiss Dave “you say and start do laugh all the others join except Dave and Timo . they lean in and kiss each other , you pull out your phone and take a pic . you play a few more rounds . after that you change into your pajama and lay down between Linda and dave who becomes in this few hours a good friend of you . as you wake up at the next morning you look at your Twitter (1) new tweet you gasp .Leon tweeted the photo of you two kissing and to make it even worse he tweeted it to niall with the message : wow (Y/N) is an veeeerrryyyy gooood kisser .

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