Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


36. I´ll open the door

Your POV-

You look angry at him but he dont notice it because he sleep . you scroll down your contacts until Baby<3 . he answers after a few rings “What ?”“hey baby i saw the picture and its all daves fault , because we played truth or dare and the bottle points in leons direction and he chose dare .”“is that true ?” “yeah !!! i dont feel anything for him and im pissed off from him . please dont be mad and please pick me up at his house i want to go home ““yeah ok im at his house in 5 ok ? “ “yeah i love you Nialler dont forget that “you say and hung up . you change into :  you shake daves shoulders “wake up “you say. he groans and open his eyes . “what ?(Y/N) what is going on why arent you in your pajama anymore “he ask you pull out your phone and show him the tweet “im leaving . who the hell take this pic huh ?”you ask “i dont know sorry ” “im glad that niall understand this im pissed off from leon . bye niall pick me up i think hes already outside the house “you say and kiss dave on the cheek “bye i text you later ” he say and close his eyes again . you walk outside and see nialls big car in the drive way . you quickly get in and peck him on the lips . “sorry for the tweet .”you mumble and look down at your shoes “dont be sorry its not your fault but it was wrong from leon to tweet this to me . “he say . as you walk into the apartment your phone starts to ring it says : Dave :) . “hello ?” “Hey (Y/N) i want to say that Timo made the pic he wants to speak with you for a second ok ?” “yea sure “ “hello (Y/N) im sorry i dont know that he tweet it to niall .i hope everything is ok between you and niall “ “yeah everything is ok , but im so pissed off from leon ““yeah i know i think you dont want to speak with him ?” “no not now ““ok i give you dave back bye ““bye”“ok hey again do you want to hang out with me Timo and shane today ? “ “yeah sure why not , do you want to come over to my house ? “ “yeah we would love to we come at 15.00 o’clock ok ?” “yeah ok see ya later bye ““bye”he says and hung up . “Timo , Dave and shane come over at 15.00 o’clock “you say and smile “ok but we have to go to the rehearsal at 15.30 o’clock . why dont you come with us and watch the show ??”liam ask “really ?and they can come too ?”you ask “yeah sure “he reply you jump into his arms and hug him “thanks li , i love you , you are the best cousin in the world “you say and he laughs . “babe they can only come when im allowed to pick out your clothes for tonight “niall says and kiss you “ok but i come with you “you say and walk upstairs to your room with him . he picks out : . you quickly change and then you hear the door bell ring “its for meeeee “you yell and run to the door . “hey guys come in “you say and hug them all . “uhm guys is it ok for you when you come to the 1D show tonight with me ?”you ask they look at you as if you are stupid “are you kidding me ? this is fantastic ” shane shouts . she wears : ”dont understand me wrong but ,my favorit game at concerts is to run away from the secuity , and we do that tonight to 100 % , and we run onto the stage “you say “yeeeeahh but (Y/N) have you something to change for me i dont think im dressed right “shane says “sure babe come on we go into my room boys you stay here go to the living room there are the boys were back soon “you say and run upstairs with shane “wow your room is gorgeous “she say and smile “thank you “you reply and give her a outfit she can wear . she quickly go into your bathroom and change into : you chat a little bit more with her and she tells you that she is in love with timo “well honey i think i can do somthing for you “you say and wink , your challange for tonight is that they come together . shane and you walk downstairs as you hear a knock at the door “go to the living room i answer the door “you say and smile . you open the door and who stands there ? Leon .

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