Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


37. I Won´t Give Up

Your POV-

“what do you want ?”you ask coldly “well i hope i can speak with you maybe ?”he answers . “ok come in “you say and lead him to your room . “what do you want to say , im really pissed off you know that ?” you say and sit down on your bed and he sit beside you .”yeah i know and im sorry for that , please forgive me .”he begs “why ?why have you done this ?”you ask”its because , uhm..i-i-i love you “he says and look at you but you cant look in his eyes . he lifts your chin and kiss you . you immediately pull away “are you fucking serious Leon ???out !”you say and run down the stairs and open the front door “please go out that was unacceptable . please leave my house now “you shout suddenly very angry “why ? (Y/N) its not my fault that you are so damn cute .”he says and smile “are you silly ? i said go out “you hiss “thanks to you , the whole press write about me cheating on niall , i dont want be seen with you anymore and now bye “you say and slam the door . you sit on the ground put your head in your hands and start to cry . you feel some strong arms wrap around you “why are you crying princess , you know i cant see you like that ,”he says that makes you smile “awwww my baby can smile “he says kiss you and carrys you to the living room where everybody is waiting . dave jumps up when he see that you cry “omg (Y/N) why are you crying , please dont cry not because of this idiot , what has he done ?” he ask and stroke your hair while you sit down in nialls lap “we go upstairs in my room because he want to speak with me and then he apologize and say that he love me , h-h-he kiss me but i immediately pull away and then i yell at him and slam the door , im such a horrible person”you explain ad hide your face in nialls chest . suddenly you feel that someone lift you up and lays you down in another lap “give me 2 minutes with him babe .”niall hiss and run out of the door .

-Nialls POV-

i run out of the door thankfully he stands still in front of the door , i quickly shut it and look down at him “dont kiss her ever again or you regent it understood ?”i hiss he looks at me and smile “what do you want to do against me , i know she love me ” he hiss back at me “no she dont love you she never did and when you dont leave this house in 10 minutes i call the security .”“wow now im scared “he reply “she belongs to me . you know what ? i want to ask her if she wants to marry me “i say and smile “hahaha she dont say yes i promise , she is too young to marry somebody .”he says “well we can be engaged a few years until she want to marry . i love her to death and you dont know her “i say , i pulll out my phone and call the security “hey . yeah a guy harass us , okay thank you .”i say and then hung up “bye”i hiss and walk back into the apartment leave him speechless. (Y/N) still sits in Liams lap “ok babe hes gone nobody do this to my princess , when you cry i want to cry too “i say and lay her back in my lap . the others begin to awwwww .

-Your POV-

you quickly go into the bathroom to fix you makeup until liam calls you because its time to leave for the rehearsal . you and your friends sit in the back of the car while the boys sit in the front . Shanes ,Timos and daves gasp when they see the arena where the boys sing at . “wow this arena is gigantic “timo says . “wait until you stand on the stage its really cool”you say .you walk to the dressing rooms where the security for you stays , “hey Paul this are my friends they watch the show with me tonight , remember our little game ?”you ask with a mischievous smile and he groans “please god why me ? (Y/N) i love you to death you know that but you are so exhausting . “he says but smiles “i know”you answer and smile too . “please paul take care of her i know that she is very fast but when her friends are with her shes even faster and now you have to catch 4 of them “liam says and warns me “behave babe ” .you nod and hug him . suddenly Dave tips you on the shoulder “uhm (Y/N) Leon write me that he wont give up and fight for you “he say and look at you

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