Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


43. I think I love Someone Else

Your POV-

you gasp the ring looks stunning he looks like looks like : .“YES niall “you say and tears falling down your cheeks .he lifts you up and spin you around . you stand on your tiptoes and hide your face in his chest you cant stop crying . “princess stop crying “he says with a soft voice and takes your hand to put on the ring ”i love you niall “you say and smile . now the other boys come, congrats and hug you . they have to continue their show so you sit down and wait until they are finished . ” tomorrow we fly to my parents , i have to present them my beautiful fiancée . “niall says and put an arm around your waist . “but what if they don’t like me ?”you ask “babe how can they dont like you ? you are perfect “he reply and kiss you .”hes right (Y/N) they like you because they see how much niall loves you . your parents would be so proud of you ” liam says and kiss you on top of your head . you and the boys drive home and watch a movie together , but you and niall dont watch the whole film because you has to get up early to catch your flight . “how long do we stay ??”you ask . “uhhmmm i think 1 week “hes says . you pull out your large bag and pack :  you help niall packing and then go to bed . “baby girl wake up we have to leave “niall wakes you at the next morning you groan and get up . “i go in the bathroom and change ok ?”you say , leave and change into : . .”Niall ?” you shout because hes not in your and his room anymore “im downstairs “he yell back , you run down into the living room “okay im ready to leave “you say and hug him . Niall and you get into the taxi and drive to the airport . you check-in and thankfully you fly in the first class .niall lifts you up in his lap so you can cuddle with him the short flight . after about two hours the airplane lands on the airport in Dublin . “my older brother Greg picks us up from the airport alright ?” he say and smile as you walk out of the building “yup i hope he likes me too “you say and smile nervously “dont worry baby , he love yo-“he begins and suddenly waves and big smile grow on his face . a handsome guy runs over to you and hug niall “i missed you so much bro ! nice to see you “he says then look at you “hello im (Y/N) , nice to meet you “you say and blush . he grins and hug you too ” wow youre gorgeous , niall you dont say that she is so stunning “greg say and you blush even more “hahha look greg you make her blush , you are so cute princess “niall teases . you get into gregs car and drive to the small town where his parents and greg life , the town called mullingar . ”im so nervous babe i dont think they like me “you whine “babe they love you i promise they are not mean or something “niall calms you down . 40 minutes later you arrive at a cute little house with a big garden “calm down baby girl . “he say and takes your hand . you get out of the car and walk to the door , niall knocks and a women with blonde short hair opens the door “Niall !!! im so glad you are here “she says and hug him tight “yeah me too mom , this is my girlfriend (Y/N) “he introduces you ” hello nice to meet you honey “she says warmly and hug you tight . “where is dad ?” niall ask “hes in the garden “she reply , niall takes your hand again and walk out in a beautiful little garden . a kind looking man sits on a bench and reads news paper “hello dad im back “niall says with a huge smile , the man jumps up and hugs niall “well i think this is your girlfriend ??”he ask skeptical . Did I tricked you With the chapter´s Name??? Never judge a Book by it´s cover... Except Mine, Mine is Flacking Good!!! -JK

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