Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


19. How Dare You?

Your POV-

you call niall countless times , but he dont answer his phone . you groan , you have no clue where you are and where the hotel is so you decide to call Harry so he can pick you up “Heloooooooo”harry answers . “hey hazza can you pick me up ?” “uhm yeah why ? where the fuck is niall ?” “to be honest ? i dont know ” “i thougt he wents to the VS boss with you , what happend ?” “urgh harry just pick me up i tell you later what happened ” ” ok babe , where are you “ “i dont really know , im at the beach ” “ah yes i know where the beach is im there in 5 .bye babe , i come and save you !” he say and hung up . you sit down and watch the sun set . ” come on kitten im here “harry yells and you get into the car . “now tell me what happend “he says “uhm i get the job and have a shooting in bikinis at the beach . and i shoot with a male model …. ” “oh but thats not a reason to run away ” “but i kissed him …” “ohh (Y/N) , now i can understand , who was the male model ?” “alexander ludwig ” “niall was always jealous of zander . ” “but hazza i didnt know that . its my job now , sometimes i shoot with male models and have to kiss them but its not that im cheating or something like this !”you say .”yeah i know but niall dont know it , wait i call him . but be quiet “yeah ok ” he call niall and after a few rings he answer “hello ?” “hey its harry . when do you and (Y/N) come home ?” ” WE dont come home im done with her “ he says angry . i look at harry in shock . “what ? are you kidding me when did you end the relationship ” “i havent end it .. yet . i end it when i come home “ ”dont effort you . niall horan . you are so ridiculous , you and your jealousy , i am your girlfriend not zanders , oh sorry i WAS you girlfriend you know what ? i drive to zander now , bye have a fucking great life “you yell and hung up . youst in that moment your phone rings : zander (alex) wich happenstance .”hello ?” you answer “uhm heyy its me zander , i was wondering if you want to go shopping with me tonight “he says . “yes i would love to , when ?” “when have you time ?”he asks back “ähh now ?”you say and laugh “haha ok we meet at 56th east ok ?” “yeah sure i’ll be there in 10 ” you reply and hung up . “(Y/N) are you serious ?? you just broke up with niall and now go shopping with his biggest rival ?” he asks “yes whats the problem , its not that i want zander to become my boyfriend i still love niall “you mutter .”do what you want babe i will support you with your desicion “”aww thanks harry “you say and hug him “soo where here 56th east have a good night ” “i will , love you bye “you say and kiss him on the cheek . you get out of the car . and search zander . you wave as you find him . he hug you and kiss you on the cheek “hey (Y/N) everything ok ? ” “urg niall ended our relationship ” “what ??? why , is it because of the kiss ?” “yes i think so , but i dont care right now , i want to go shopping because im rich now ” you say and laugh

“well lets go then i know a cute little botique around the corner here “he says . you go to every shop you want and buy many things (  its getting late and zander drives you to your hotel “thank you for this lovely night , i have so much fun with you “you say and hug him “yeah me too , i hope we can meet again bye ” he says and kiss you but you pull away “bye “you say and run into the hotel . as you arrive at the apartment you walk sraight into the living room . niall sit on the couch . “hey guys look i bought soo many things “you say happy . niall stands up and walk over to you and slap you across the face .

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