Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


15. Hell to the No

Your POV-

we walk over to her and niall waves ” oh hey Niall nice to meet you ! how are you ?”she say “fine and you ” he replie “yeah me too , i guess this gorgeous lady next to you is your girlfriend right ?” “yes my name is (Y/N) “you smile shyly . you chat a little bit when suddenly mirandas phone rings “give me one second . ” she says and answers her phone “hello ? yes , why ? i think i can help you . yeah i have this lovely girl next to me , yeah i ask her and then call you back bye “ niall and i look at her confused . “well (Y/N) today youre a lucky girl , my boss needs a new Victoria secret angel and i think you are perfect for it , because you have the pefect body and look gorgeous, are you interested ?” “omg are you kidding me ? its my biggest dream to become a Victoria secret Angel !” “is that a yes ? ” “yes i would love to ” “okay can you give me your phone number , because tomorrow there’s a gala in new york city and i introduce you to my chef alright ? ” “yeah ok ”“well i have to go and get my dress for tomorrow , and niall you come with her she needs a accompaniment , urgh im running late , speak ya later honey , bye ” “bye ” i reply and she run away . “OMG i become a VS Angel “i shriek “shh babe not here “he says laughing and we walk back to our table . ” we have to tell you big news , (Y/N) and i go to a big event tomorrow , but its not just an event , we go to a vicoria secret gala , and (Y/N) will become a new VS angel “ everybody look at us as if we are aliens . ” wow congrats (Y/N) . im so proud of you !”harry says . “is that ok for you too liam ?” “yeah sure why not ? its your big dream and im proud of my little gorgeous cousin “he says and hugs you “but i have nothing to wear ” you say sadly . “well gurl then lets go shopping “louis suggested . latley only me niall and lou going shopping because the others dont want to , so you three went to countless shops until you find the perfect outfit . you walk back to the hotel and show the other boys your outfit ” you look amazin babe ” harry says with a wink and they all agree . suddenly liams phone begins to ring and he leaves . after he comes back he looks sad at you “ uhm sry niall but i dont think you can go to the gala with (Y/N) tomorrow ” “what why not , liam i dont have anybody else to go with this is very important for me !” you say holding back tears ” i know honey but mamagement wants us to do an signing the whole day and at the evening we have an interview sry ” “thats not fair !” ” i can go with her !” you can suddenly hear damian say .


Hey by the Way (Y/N) means your name and VSAngel means Victorias Secret Angel

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