Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


11. Happy BDay!!!!

Nialls POV-

i try to catch her , but my reaction is too late , she fall down the stairs . ” NO ! (Y/N) ? are you ok ? please forgive me its all my fault ” “yes your right its your fault , Niall you dont get it . how can you expect from me that i talk to you ? what you dont understand is that you acting like a complete asshole the whole time ” “why cant you just forgive me ? ” “because you dont even try to apologize to me !now let me alone i dont want to see you , the doctor said its not good for me to get excited “she says and walk back to the living room .

-Your POV-

hes so annoying . what he expects from you ?he dont even apologize ! you sigh and walk back to the living room . ” what was going on there ??? ” liam asks ”nothing i just fell down the stairs . ” you mumble “WHAT ! are you okay babe ? omg you have huge bulge on your head ” “its no big deal i lost my balance ” “yes it is . you can be hurt ” he pick you up and lay you down in harrys lap . “calm down li , shes ok .so babe what do you wish for your b-day”he smiles “i dont know i want it to be a surprise ” “hm ok what about this , we go to disney land and later you get a place of honor on the stage at our concert ?” ” yeah that sounds amazin ” . “but firs , you and stefan remains here and we go shopping !”liam says with a knowing smile .

-Liams POV-

we say our goodbyes and drive in the city to go shopping for (Y/N)s b-day . after 5 hours , everybody has a present . me and zayn bought and harry , louis and niall bought

Niall has the idea to surprise her on stage . we all hope that she can forgive him , because everybody sees that they fit together perfectly . as we arrived at home (Y/N) tried to look in the bags “haha i think you want it to be a surprise ??” lou laughs “urgh right “she mumbles . “you get them tomorrow , and now get change its almost 22 o’clock . ” i say warmly and pick her up , she fights but im too strong for her “nooooo boys help meeeee “she shouts . “nope , little (Y/N) needs some sleep ” they yell she groans and give up . i lay her down and sit next to her ” please forgive niall , hes very upset about the whole fight . ” “i dont know maybe , maybe not “she says stubborn ” you are as stubborn as an donkey ” i say . she laughs and lay her head in my lap “good night li ” “good night honey ” i replie . she sighs one more time and then fall asleep .

-Your POV-

as you wake up . louis , zayn , harry and liam shouts Happy birthday and sing for you . they all hug you and give you kisses on the cheek ” where is Niall ” you ask because you decided to forgive him “uhm we dont know ” they said . why is he not here you think and feel tears burn in your eyes .

. here are some informations about me :

my name is johanna, im 14 years old , im from germany and a directioner since torn . i play tennis and swim at the DLRG (that means German live saving company ) . i have no boyfriend, wait... I do, i have 5 wonderful boyfriends (;. im a funny and carfree person and sometimes im very crazy .



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