Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


34. God... People Now a Days

Your POV-

Niall pays and then you stand up and drive home . you all are very exhausted and go to to bed when you arrive at the apartment . the next morning you look at your phone 1 New message from bastian (the boy with the curls ) hey (Y/N) , Leon ,Dave , Alex ,Timo, Shane , lizzy , lara ,linda and i meet at the beach at 11 o’clock , please come too xxx Bastian . you quickly look at your watch 10.30 o’clock you have to change quick but you want to go . yeah i’ll be there maybe the boys come too they are very protective around me xx (Y/N) . you quickly change into :  you dont want to wake the boys so you write them a small letter : hey boys im at the beach you can come too if you want love you lots xxx (Y/N) . you call a taxi and drive to the beach . soon you see the boys and girls , they lay near the water . you walk over to them “hey ” you say and smile they all hug you and you lay down between Dave and leon . ” well usually i dont say this to a girl but take your clothes off then we can go swimming . ” Dave says and smiles . you take off your shorts and tops and then stand up “ok lets go “you say all the others stand up too and run to the water . soon you are in a huge water fight girls against boys . you laugh as Leon lifts you up and throw you away . as you dont want to swim anymore you go to your towles and lay down “hey i lotion you with sun cream ok ?” Dave ask “yeah please “you answer and lay down , he gently massage your back and shoulders “wow you have talent dave please dont stop “you say and smile . suddenly you can hear klicks from cameras . you look up about 10 paps standing near you and take pics of you and dave “shit , sorry i dont know that i be that interesting wait a minute” you say and walk over to the paps “can you please leave me ? i want to spend some free time with my friends . but i can call my bodyguard and he speak with you ” you say they nod and walk away you sigh and walk back to your friends “they are so annoying , i can imagine the new headline : (Y/N) cheating on Niall Horan with this boy ? . i bet the boys are her in less than 4 minutes when they see this pictures . but i dont care lets play beach volley ball . ” you say they all cheer and Timo pull out a ball . in your team are Linda ,Dave , Leon and shane . you play very good and your team is about to win when you hardly crash into Dave . you loose your balance and fall on top of Dave . “(Y/N) ? what the hell are you doing ?” you suddenly hear nialls Irish voice you quickly stand up “i lost my balance calm down babe . im happy to see you i missed you so much “you say and kiss him he put his hands on your ass and look sweet “aww me too , i love you “he say “well can i play with you the other boys come soon , louis let explote the sun cream ” niall laughs . we all start to laugh too and then start playing again . after 5 minutes the whole boys join . you all spend a funny and peacefull afternoon together . the boys and you gives all your friends hugs for goodbye , but dave pulls you a few meters away from the others “uhm (Y/N) i know you have a boyfriend and you love him but i think Leon have a huge crush on you “Dave says

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