Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


54. Getting Ready

Your POV-

you drive home and run into the apartment “boys ! did you knew that ? “you ask they all nod “havent you told her where the wedding is and who invited is ????”liam ask . niall shake his head and pull you donw into his lap “well babe , i knew you want something special , so i decide that we marry in Thailand “he say and you gasp in excitement “whattt are you kidding me horan ???? this is amaizing omg omg omg “you say and kiss him at least 100 times . he laugh “hhahahah and now to the guests i invited your friends , my family , well liams and your family , karl lagerfeld ,justin , miley & liam , Taylor ,Miranda kerr ,her husband orlandoo , ed sheeran ,olly murs , brett & beau , kim &kloe kardashian , ellen cody , paul , cher ,simon , josh and . ok ? i know youre only friends with kim , kloe , cody , karl , liam , miley , justin ,miranda,brett and beau but the rest belongs to my friends so i invited them , i know that are not so many but i thought you like to have a little wedding . the man who plan the wedding send me a few menus for the dinner and a few cakes lets choose them now ok ?”he suggested , you jump up and down like a little kid , we discuss long but then we decided us . the Cake looks like  its not very special but you and niall like it . you need a wedding dress and acssesoirs , you call the girls so they can help you . zayn dive you in the city where you meet them “OMG i cant belive this , its like a farietale “Linda says as you enter the weddingdress store . the lady who owns the shop helps you to choose the right dress and accsessoirs and after many fun and 3 hours you finally found the right things , you buy : and leave happy the store . ” i need jewelery “you thought loud “i know a gorgeous jeweler come on “shane say . she was right the jeweler is gorgeous , it takes you very long to decide but finally you buy : “thank you so much for helping me , you are the best girls ever please be my bride mades and shane pleas be my made of honor “you ask them they all jump up and down because they are so happy . you say goodbye to them and drive home . you collapsed on the couch as you arrive at home “im exhausted “you groan .the boys laugh and come around to see what you have bought “STOP NO ONE look in the bags “you say sternly and they groan “pllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeeee”Harry begs “okay but only you 4 guys niall stay here and you 4 follow me into my room “you say and quickly run upstairs and change into your dress and the acessoirs .you slowly walk out of the bathroom , their eyes get wide and they gasp “WOW “liam says “you you look s-s-s-stunning “Harry stutters “yes absolutely gorgeous “zayn says “fuck you niall SHE IS MINE “louis yells and put his arms carfull around your waist the others begin to laugh . you quickly change back into your old clothes and then go downstairs to niall “this is not fair i want to see it too !”he whines and give you puppy dog eyes “no nialler , your puppy dog eyes dont work this time , you see it soon “you say and kiss him . “it looks gorgeous “Harry teases “yep hes right you are the only one who dont see her in her dress , but you know that SHE IS MINE !!!!”louis yells again .the days past really fast and suddenly the day comes to fly to Thailand on a little island .you are super nervous and excited ” (Y/N) is soooo excited thats so cute and adorable “liam wispers in nialls ear “awwwww dont be nervous baby girl “he says and kisses you . you look up to him and smile unsure . when the plan lands you are very jetlaged and drive fast to the hotel you stay at , for your honeymoon you fly over to Madagaskar .

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