Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


20. Getting Famous

orry that niall slaps the (Y/N) person ant the end but i dont know what to write at the end , so sorry if you dont like it <3 :)

-Nialls POV-

“omg (Y/N) im so so so sorry please forgive me .” i beg . she look at me in shock . “are you fucking stupid horan ?? dont touch her again like this or you are dead “liam yells , you have never hear him yelling before “im so sorry please “i beg again . she takes my wrist and lead me into my room . “why have you done this , whats your problem huh ? zander and i kissed because the photografer want us to , i dont have any feelings for him . and you dont have to apologize for the slap , i deserve it and i understand when you dont want to be with me anymore “she says and look down at her shoes . “no you dont deserv this slap , im so sorry and im sorry for overreacting . please forgive me i have to deal with your model co-workers . “i say and kiss her . “i love you princess and i dont want to loose you . never “i add and kiss her again . we walk out and back in the living room . “she forgave me “i say happy and sit down at the couch and lay (Y/N) down in my lap . “you are a lucky that she love you , because your behavior is inacceptable “liam say . ”i know and i never do this again , i promise ” .

-Your POV-

Today is your job at the VS fashion show at the new yorker fashion week . so you leave early . “please come to the show “you say “sure we are there , love you , have fun “liam says and hug you one more time . you close the door and walk downstairs .you get into the taxi and tell the driver the adress . as you arrive at the place where the show is you are amazed , because its so big and glamorous .so you go inside and look for your dressing room . you find it and walk in . your stylist is a nice lady and you estimate her at 26 years . “hello honey . here are your clothes you wear tonight . i will do your make up and hair so please sit down we have to begin the show starts in 2 hours “she says and you sit down . you like the outfits you have to wear ( i know the clothes anrent VS but at polyvore dont have so good things from VS ) she do your makeup perfectly  after that you stand backstage waiting until its your turn . the first notes of the song begin to play and you walk out .the whole hall cheers when they see you . the whole hall is ful wich are around 300 people and you cant look around and search the boys . you pose at the end and walk back . “wow (Y/N) that was fantastic .” the boss shouts and give you a hug . you do your 5 next outfits . at the last walk justin bieber sings and you know how much niall likes him . you change in you last outfit . and walk out , justin walks over to you and grabs your hand , you are the last model so you dance a little bit with him and than walk to the end and blow a kiss to the paparazzi who stands at the end of the catwalk . you finally walk back and go straight to your dressing room to get dressed for the aftershow party where you meet the boys . you wear

You walk out and into the big room where the show is . you reconize many celebritys but you search for the boys but you cant found them . suddenly the boss goes at the stage and takes a mic “hello i hope you liked the show . Today is a special day for me because i found the most beautiful and professional angel in the world , you all know her i think , (Y/N) payne . please come up and say something honey ” he say and the whole room cheers . you walk up to the stage and take the mic “first thank you so much Leon (the boss) for making me to an angel . since i was a little child i want to become an angel and now my biggest dream becomes true , i cant belive it and i think my parents would be proud of me ” you say . and the whole room cheers againg but louder . you walk down the stairs and a handsome guy with brown hair comes over to you ” (Y/N) i know you want to go and dance or somthing like this but can i have an short interview with you ?” “uhm sure why not but i think its to loud here “you reply “well lets go outside then “he says and you go outside and sit on a chair (I=interviewer Y=you )

I:so (Y/N) you are the undisputed star of the show and the after show party how does it feel ?

Y:well its all new for me , i mean now im kind of famous ,but im used to it because of the boys .

I: “yeah thats right . what do the boys think about it “

Y: “they are all proud of me i love them all the have became my family “

I: “ok . there are rumors about you and niall being in a relationship ?”

Y:” its true we are together “

I:”do you think you can deal with the hate from the fans ?”

Y:”the fans dont hate me , they are all amazing and know me already for so long , i know there are always hater but i think i can deal with it because the boys support me no matter what”

I:thats good . one last queston , i havent told you but im from the vouge and we make an article about you , are you intrested to model for us ?”

Y:”i would love to model for you , omg i love the vouge , this is so amazing “

I:”ok thank you for the interview i report me because of the job “

you say goodbye and than walk in and finally find the boys . “omg princess you was amazing , this was perfect “niall says excited and kiss you . all the other boys agree and hug you . “uhm hey (Y/N) “someone say and you turn around and see justin , niall gasp behind you but they walk away so you can speak with him alone. “hey jus ” “well i was wondering , if you want to play the main girl in my new music video boyfriend ” “wow wich a honor , i wold love to do this , but i have to ask niall if its ok for him .give me one sec “you say and walk over to niall “hey sweetie , uhm justin asked me to play his main girl in his music video boyfriend . is this ok for you ?” “urr yes “”really ? because it can be that i have to kiss him ” “sure baby i know you only love me , its your job now “he says and smile “thank you my prince “you say and kiss him . you walk back to justin “its ok , sorry for that but he becomes very easy jealous .” “yeah i would become jealous too you are gorgeous . “he say and smile cheeky “thank you “you say and blush . “i have to go , i call you because of the video alright ?” he says “yeah sure bye “you say and he hug you and give you a kiss on the cheek. he walk away and you go over to the boys . you look around when you see a familiar person : Zander .

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