Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


45. Finally Everything is Better

Your POV-

“(Y/N) this a engagement ring on your finger ????”Francesco ask and take your hand “yes actually we are engaged .”you say sad “wh doesnt he told us ? “Greg ask you sheak your head “i-i-i dont know but i want to go home “you say and feel tears forming in your eyes . “hey come on we go inside “greg says , takes your hand and pull you inside . “why are you crying ?”he ask softly “your dad dont like me and niall dont care about me , he dont even tell you that we are engaged “you say and snob “yeah i know he act like a complete asshole , are you sure you want to leave ?” “i-i-i dont know can i have yor laptop and skype with Liam and the others ?” you ask “sure love “he says and pull out his laptop . as you logg into skype he is about to go out to give you your privacy but you take is hand “please dont go “you say and he sits back next to you .after a few seconds Zayns Face appears on the screen “hello boo hey greg whats up ?”he ask happy but then he notice your tears “can you please get liam ?”you ask he nod and after a few seconds zayns and liams faces appears “baby girl why are you crying ?”liam ask worried you explain the whole thing “we come with the next flight ok ? dont worry we are here soon “liam says and ends the call . “

-Gregs POV-

i cant see her crying niall is so stupid to make such an amazing girl cry “i go and speak with him ok ? stay here im back soon ” i say and she nods . i walk downstairs and tip niall on the shoulder “you ,me ,kitchen ,now “i say . “what is going on ?” he ask as we arrive at the kitchen “you act like a fucking asshole that is was going on .your FIANCEE sits in my room and cry her eyes out because of you . we called liam and the boys they come with the next plane .”i hiss “i want to tell you but then mila comes and yeah “he defend himself “yeah Mila arrives and you dont care about your gorgeous fiancée anymore , super niall “i say “yes yes i go and speak with her . you are so annoying “he say and walk upstairs to my room “you are unbelivable “i say and follow him .

-Your POV-

you feel that someone stroke your hair “baby girl ?”niall ask “let me alone”you mumble back “please i love you forgive me ok ?”he ask you turn around and look him in the eyes “why ?”you ask “because i love my gorgeous and stunning wife ? and you was right act like an asshole , do you want me to kick mila out of the house ?, i dont like her through “he says “okay but first i have to fix my makeup “you say and quickly fix it in the bathroom “ok lets go i want to see if you do that “you say as you walk into the garden , niall stops at the edge of the table . “Can i have youre attention for a minute ????? “he ask and everybody looks at him “well actually (Y/N) is not my girlfriend , shes my fiancée and i love her to death i would do anything for her and would give her the world if i could , i dont care if some people dont like her but shes the one for me and you all have to respect that . Mila i dont like you , nobody likes you here so please get your ass out of here . thanks for your attention “he says , the whole table went silent , mila stands up and leave . nialls dad stands up too “well (Y/N) i have to say sorry , i act like an idiot i dont want my boy to grow-up so soon . i love the thought that you are my daughter-in-law soon .”he says

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