Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


25. Even MORE Akward

“t-t-t-the other boys see you in underwear ? “niall ask “he said there is an other model too ” you say . ” wait until we know what to do niall “liam says calm .so niall and you went early to bed and sleep . the next morning you get up and change into : the boys get ready too and you drive with the taxi to the set . the photographer greets you and than explains “you dont have to shoot with all of the boys please choose 3 and the other 2 shoots with mara ok ? you can speak with the boys and tell me then who do you choose ” “ok thanks give me 4 minutes “you reply and walk over to the boys “uhm he said i have to choose 3 with that i want to shoot and the rest of the boys shoot with mara . i choose harry , zayn and niall . sorry lou but when i shoot with you i have to laugh all the time . and liam i dont want my cousin to touch me in underwear so yeah ” you say and smile “okeee my body is ready for you (Y/N) “harry jokes cheeky . niall looks not very happy but you have to ignore that its just a job . “ok uhm i shoot with zayn , niall and harry “you tell the photographer . “ok the first one is harry please go and get dressed and to hair and makeup . you go and change into this : you walk out with an bathrobe . all the boys are waiting for you outside . harry is in an bathrobe too . ” come on (Y/N) lets do this “harry says and winks you walk over to the set and all the boy following you . “ok (Y/N) and harry put the bathrobes down “the photographer says .you take it off and give it the assistant and so does harry . the boys yaw dropped and liam went bright red . niall stands infront of you and covers your body ” no one look at her !! shes mine ” he says . “niall go away please i have to look at her im the photographer “he said and niall steps away and groans , you take your first position . “wow super (Y/N) , harry put your hands on her hips , yeah exactly like that ” he shouts you make a few more poses and then Philip (the photographer ) shouts “we got it thank you great job !!!” . the next boy is zayn so you go into the dressing room and change into : . Your POV-

You walk out of your dressing room and to the set where zayn and the other boys wait. you put down your bathrobe . ” why dont you walk around at home like this “he says and smirks .”haha i would but i dont think nialll would like it “you say and laugh . you start posing and it dont take long to get the perfect pic . you go and change one last time into : and then walk out to the set . niall stands there without a bathrobe and wait for you . “hey nialler ready ?” you ask shy . he nodd slowly and you take off your bathrobe . “dont look at her boobs all the time , she has eyes too !” louis shouts and the whole boys laugh , ” oh shut up man ” niall hisses . “you have to wear this more often princess , you look gorgeous “he wispers in your ear and kiss you .you make a few poses and then the soot is done . you change into your old clothes , walk back and sit down on nialls lap waiting that liam begins . he stands there with bright red cheeks and hold his hans in front of his eyes “i think i have to speak with your dad ! i dont think he would not approve to this ”liam says and we all have to laugh badly .but finally he give in and take the pics .1 hour later you can finally leave .you groan you dont want to be the moderator of the grammys because you are so tired and want to spend some time with the boys .thankfully you have an co moderator but you dont know him yet . a young lady greets you as you arrive at the arena where the grammys are . you go to your dressing room and the lady explains you the night “well first you walk with your co moderator over the red carpet and then on the stage . here are your moderator cards “she explains . who is this co moderator ?? yo ask yourself but you cant thought of it because the stylist arrives and let you change into : “please hurry a little bit up mrs Payne ”an assistant says and leads you to an room you look confused but enter the room and see a man standing inside “hey im your co moderator “the man says and turn around , its taylor lauthner , he was always your celebrety crush .


i know i know... i got too excited and detailed sorry thats me.... not in the bad way you pervss!!!! jk


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