Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


18. Dont Leave Me...

Your POV-

“Whats the surprise ?” you ask suspicious . “well babe you know it tomorrow , i give you one clue , wear nice clothes and makeup ” he says and winks . “and now go sleeping or you are tired tomorrow “he picks you up bridal style and carries you to your room lays you down, and kiss you careful . he lays down beside you and put one arm around your waist “i love you (Y/N) , sleep well “he mutter “i love you too nialler “you reply and close your eyes . the next morning niall wakes you up by kissing you “time to get up . yoursurprise is waiting for you “he says and kiss you . you groan and get up .”i pick out some clothes for you and now hurry up ” “yes mr horan “you say and laugh . you walk into the dressing room and change into “lets go princess”he smiles and you walk down in the lobby where a taxi is waiting . “niall what is my surprise tell me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaasssssseeeeeeeee “you whine . “nope , princess its not a surprise anymore when i tell you what it is “he laughs . after 5 more minutes you finally stopps in front of a big building . “come on babe i know you’ll like it “he say and you walk into the house . you take the elevator and until floor 10 . Niall knocks at the door and who opens the door ???? the boss of VS !! “hello (Y/N) ,niall tolde me what happens and im so sorry for not beliving you , please come in so we can talk about your contract “he says and leads you in an chic room you and niall sit down . “ok (Y/N) . if you take the job you have a shooting today in an hour . and tomorrow you have to walk at the new yorker fashion week . do you do the job ?” “yes i would love to do it ” “okay then sign here and here . perfect . downstairs is a taxi , it drives you to the shooting , niall you can go with her but you have to hurry up its at the beach .” he says . you say goodbye and get in the taxi “its a bikini shooting huh ?”niall says with a wink “haha yeah i think so , but i havent thought that i have a shooting so fast “you say and smile . you arrive at the beach and go to the photographer “uhm hey Sascha, its my first job so where do i have to go ?” “oh hey (Y/N) please go to your dressing room and change and then go to hair and make up , your male model is waiting .” “thank you “you say and walk to the dressing rooms “wait , did he say MALE model ????” “uhmm yeeesss ?”you say “please can you go out nialler i have to change “you say and smile “oh yes right im sorry “he says and walk out . you have to wear these 6 bikinis : and the women do your makeup and hair like this you step out of the room and go back to the photograpfer . you know him because he shoots the boys very often “uhm where is niall ?” you ask ” oh he sits over there , (Y/N) this is Alexander , i think you know him “he says and you turn around , its alexander ludwig the actor from the hunger games (  “yeah hi im (Y/N) nice to meet you “you say and shake his hand “hey nice to meet you too you look gorgeous and very hot “he says and hug you ”thank you “you say and look over to niall who staring at you in pure jealousy . but you ignroe it”ok lets do this “sascha shouts and you take your first position besides alex it looks like : you do a few more poses and you have to say that alexander is a very kind guy and you like him . “(Y/N) and alex ? i think it looks cool on the pic when you to kiss eachother . is that ok ?” he ask “for me its ok to kiss my beautiful little co-worker “alex says and smiles “uhm i think its ok for me too “you say and smile shy . “ok lets do this ” alex takes you head in his hands and kiss you and you cant compare it to how niall kiss you , with alex it feels mor passionate . “ok guys you are amazin i get the perfect picture . you can go home now thank you good job !” sascha says and you walk away to you dressing room and quickly change into your old clothes . you walk out and see alex waiting for you “uhm (Y/N) can i have your number maybe ?” he ask kind “yeah why not you say and he gives you his phone . after that you hug him and say goodbye . you search for niall but cant find him . “sascha ? where is niall i cant find him “you ask ”uhm hes gone when you and alex kissed “he reply . “shit “you mutter

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