Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


14. Damien

-Liams POV-

i turn around and see (Y/N) standing there , staring over to us . “hey (Y/N) come over and say hello to damian and josh ” i say happy . she slowly walks over and shakes joshs hand ” hi im (Y/N) , nice to meet you ” she says kind . Damian countered his hand so she can shake it too , but she just look coldy at him and say ” dont even think about it , fucking bastard ” and with that she walk away and i stand there in shock ” im so sorry i dont no why she is so rude , i speak with her later and she apologizes for what she said , promise . ” i say ” no problem come on lets drive to our hotel “josh said . we all take a sit in the car , (Y/N) next to niall who has a arm around her . she has her ray-bens on but i could tell the way she acts that she cry , but niall dont noticed it . nobody speaks a word during the whole ride . fortunately , we arrive fast at the hotel and pick up our luggage and bring it to the buses (Y/N), Niall , Harry and Louis are in one bus and Zayn , josh , damian and i in the other . (Y/N) leaves into the bus and the other boys follow her but i stop them ” wait a minute i have to speak with her alone , she was very rude to damian at the airport ” ” what , why ? ” niall ask worried about his princess . “later ” i say , enter the Bus and close the door behind me . “can you explain to me what this whole shit was at the airport ? huh ?” i hiss . “I was right he is an asshole !” “why ? you dont even know him !” “if you knew … ” ” yeah please i want to know it “i say “actually i know him very goo-“i cut her of “i dont mind , you go and apologize ” “no ” “you are so unbelievable , i dont want to see you right now , out !” i say , i see the tears streaming down her face as she left the bus . and i regent what i said .

-Nialls POV-

“princess why do you cry ? ” i lift her up and hug her tight “liam is mad at me , he was so mean he dont even let me express ” she cry . ” come on babe , liam is never really mad at everyone ” i say and try to lift up her mood . ” yes he is ” “what have you done to Damian ?” harry asks ” h-h-he countered so i can greet him . but i go away and say : dont even think about it fucking bastard ” i can hear louis gasp ” why ? do you know him or what ” I ask “yes “she reply ” then who is he ? ” ” i dont want to tell you ” she says “why ” “because i dont want to , please respect that ” she says and go back into the bus to change for the dinner tonight and make thing up with liam.

-Your POV-

you walk back into the bus , “im sorry (Y/N) i was not allowed to dont let you speak ” “no problem , just dont be mad at me , i go changing now , ok ?”” yes but be ready , we will leave soon to the restaurant ” ” is it fancy ? ” you ask “no not really , you can dress normal ” “ok see ya ” you say and go to your room and change into your outfit and do your makeup ( you take one last look in the mirror ,and you have to say , you look stunning . you walk out of your room to meet niall , harry and louis . “hey boys ready to go ?” you ask , “wow , princess you look absolutely ” niall begins and the two other boys end the sentence “.. gorgeous ” you laugh and walk outside and see damian , josh and liam waiting for you . you kiss liam on the cheek ”lets go li im soooo hungry and niall is starving ” you say . you feel niall put a arm around your waist ” yup , shes right when we dont go now i’ll eat her hand “everyone laughs , but you can feel damian staring at you with a glare . you drive to a near garden restaurant and sit down . you order a garden salad and niall orders a steak with fries . as the food comes you look longing at nialls fries . “awwww babe dont look like this , i share it with you if you want ” you smile and steal some fries from his plate . ” omg this is the new 8th world wonder , niall horan shares food !” zayn jokes “he must really love her .”liam says with a smile “because niall NEVER shares food ” . your cheeks get bright red ” excuse me for a minute “you say and walk to the girls restroom . as you walk out you see damian waiting for you ” missed me , little bitch ?” he say “yes i really really missed you ” you say sarcastically . “well good to see that you are as ugly as earlier . ” he says satisfied ” yeah what ever , i have more importent things to do than listening to your shit ” you hiss and walk away to your table . “are you ok ?” “niall wispers “yep everything is . great “you look around and a familiar women catch your eye . “omg niall look its miranda Kerr , im like her biggest fan !” you say excited ” i know her , you want to go over and say hi ? ” he ask .

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