Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


16. Cant Believe He did it

“What ??!! NO ! i go alone ” you say and cross your arms “look (Y/N) im very sorry for what i did in the past please let me go with you ” he says with a fake smile “come on (Y/N) he apologized , go with him “liam said . “fine “you say but you know that he didnt mean the apologize . “can i speak you in private for a second ?” you ask liam . “sure” he says and follows you out of the room “look liam i know him better as everyone else in this room , he dont mean his apologize and i know when im with him at the gala i dont get the job , he ruin it ” i wisper . ” (Y/N) please give him a chance , do it for me and the boys please . ” you groan . ” ok but only for you ” you say . you walk back to the living room everybody look at you “ok fine , go with me ” you say . niall puts a arm around your waist “come on princess lets go to bed “he says and lifts you up and carrys you to your room . he lays you down and sit beside you . ” i know that you dont like to go with damian but i want you to know that im so sorry .” “its okay nialler , dont worry .” he kisses you and you close your eyes and fall asleep . the next morning you wake up super excited , niall snors besides you , so you went to the living room , to see if anyone else is awake too . only Zayn sits on the couch and does a twitcam . ” morning boo , morning world ” you say and sit beside him and wave . ” hey how was sleep ?” “good “you groan “well our little sleepyhead next to me has her big day today, she goes to a VS gala and maybe she becomes an angel ” “haha i hope so ” you smile . “sorry guys but i end the cam now see ya later ” he says and shuts the laptop . ” (Y/N) dont lie to me , who is damian ?” he asks and look serious at you ” i know i can trust you but dont tell the other boys ok ? hes my ex and he stalks me , and call me rude names . at the restaurant he says how ugly i am ” ” oh i dont know that , have you and the relationship ? ” “yes and after that he called me over 50 times a day and send me about 100 sms . ” “wow this is ill , really . im sorry .” “im sure to 100 % he dont mean his apologize ” “what do you want to do against it ? ” “i cant do anything i have to hope and pray that he dont do anything stupid today ” you say and he hugs you . you chat a little bit more and after 10 minutes the whole group join . you dont have much to do so you watch a movie and talk until its time for the boys to leave . ” i know you will get the job ” louis says and hugs you “me too , you will hew them down kitten .”harry says and kisses you on the forehead .”liam lifts you up and spin you around “i know you will get the job ,im so proud of you “he says and hugs you tight “dont worry about him boo , i pray for you that you get the job “zayn wispers in your ear and kiss you on the cheek . ” i know you get the job , you are gorgeous and have a wonderful personality , i love you princess “Niall says and kiss you “i love you too ” you reply . they leave and you go to your room to go change . you put on your outfit (  and do your makeup and hair ( “Damian come on we have to leave “you yell . “yeah im coming “he ells back and step out of his room wearing we walk down into the lobby and out of the hotel . a few fans ask for pictures and autogramms . after 2 minutes our limo arrives and drives us to the gala . ” hey (Y/N) nice to see you , you look gorgeous ” miranda greets you ” thank you . niall cant come with me so i bring damian i hope its ok ” you ask “yeah sure come on i introduce you to my boss “she says and you follow her . her boss is a young man with brown hair and brown eyes you have to say he looks very good . ” hey you must be (Y/N) . miranda has not exaggerate , you look gorgeous “Thank you ” you reply and smile cute . “Well at home she dont looks so beautiful and oh man i dont know that she can be kind , normally she acts like a total bitch ” damian says with a smile . we all look at him in shock . “well i hope that was a joke , are you interested because i want you to become an angel ” he says . “yes and i have to say it was always my dream to become a model ” you say happy . ” (Y/N) i dont think its okay to lie to the man , you have to know , this morning she told me that she dont have pleasure to do this job . “damian says . you cant say anything and he continue to tell the boss lies about you , when he ended the boss look coldly at you ” well (Y/N) it was nice to meet you , but i dont think you are suitable for this job , but i will report me . bye it was nice to meet you ” he say and walk away .Miranda look at you in complet shock and damian walks happy over to the food table .

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