Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


27. Can someone tell me whats happening

Your POV-

you dont show any emotion . “i dont think that its true i go and look if its true “you say coldly and walk away . you walk in the girls toilet and the boys was right niall and demi making out . thankfully they dont noticed you and you walk out anedtry to controll your temper and sadness . you walk back to the boys and sit on a free spot . just look at a point in the room and dont notice them

-Zayns POV-

she just comes back , sits down and do nothing . we try to speak with her but she dont answer us it seems that she dont even notice us . i shake her shoulders when its turn to make er speech she just stands up and walk up to the stage , taylor have to pillow her meanwhile niall arrives and sits down at the couch “what happend with (Y/N) ?”he ask nobody answer him then (Y/N) suddenly begins to speak “well congrats to the winners and thank you that i have had the honor of moderating these wonderful awardshow . a special thank you to demi lovato , thank you for being a slut and whore . thank you ,you scrubber for ruining my relationship , niall horan and i are not together anymore .

thank you for your attention ladys and gentelmen “she ended and the whole audience is silent nobody says a word but suddenly the whole audience begins to cheer . (Y/N) goes down and straight to the door not looking back . after a few minutes we can finally move again when my phone begins to ring it says boo . i go outside because its to loud inside “Hello ? boo where are you are you ok ?” i ask “yes im totally fine can you call the other 3 boys to come and pick me up ?”she ask “yeah sure where are you ?” i ask “im at the front entrence ”she reply and hung up . i call the other boys and tell they to come outside they arrive in seconds . “im sceared (Y/N) dont show any emotion , and her speech was horrible , in less then 1 minute demi was the most hated person in hollywood and tomorrow from the whole world , all our fans adore (Y/N) “harry says as we walk to the front entrance . (Y/N) sits on the street staring in the sky . “kitten ?” harry ask carefully . “yeah “she asks “are you okay you scare us “harry says .”sorry but im feel nothing right now ”she answer and liam lifts her up in his arms . we call a taxi and get in (Y/N) in liams lap . she leans her head on his shoulder and close her eyes . “(Y/N) tomorrow niall dont remember , he is piss drunk , we have luck if he finds the way to our apartment tonight . ” i try “i dont care about him i give him so many chances and he disappointed me , i call taylor now i dont want to sleep at ours tonight “she said and pul her phone out . ” Hello ? sry for calling you so late , yeah i have a problem , can i sleep at yours tonight ?ok thank you so much i’ll be there soon bye “she says and hung up “WTF ?? (Y/N) you dont sleep at taylors tonight !” liam says she looks at him with a ‘i-dont-care’look “fine but we pick you up tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock ok ?”liam suggested and she nodds . she tells the driver to stop so she can leave , we all hug her and say goodbye .

-Your POV-

you get out of the car and walk into the hotel where taylor lives . you only have to knock one time and than he opens the door “whats going on , why cant you sleep at home ?”he asks ” because of niall i dont want to be near him right now . he breaks my heart at every fucking chance he gets “you reply , he takes your hand and leads you to his bedroom “you can sleep in my bed i take the couch “he says and smiles , you nodd and lay down , he gives you a quick kiss on your forehead and then leave . you are so exhausted so you fall asleep soon . as you awake at the next morning you hear familiar voices in the living room . Zayn harry and liam sit on the couch and talk with taylor . “morning baby , i brought you some clothes go and change so we can leave “liam says . you do what he want and change into : “ok boys im ready “you say , they stand up and come over to you . taylor hug you for goodbye “thank you “you say . you get into harrys car and than you drive home .

-Louis POV -

“where is (Y/N) ? why isnt she here ?” niall ask “she comes soon “i only answer and look back at the Tv screen . i only look up as i hear that the door open . they walk in and sit down (Y/N) sit down in my lap and i put protective my arms around her . “well boys what do we today im free” she said niall looks confused at her but she ignore him “i want to go to disneyland “he says “nobody ask for your opinion niall “she answer coldly . “what is going on why is she ignoring me ?”he ask ” hm niall why dont you go and call demi and ask her what happend last night ?” she ask “demi wtf why ?” he ask but she dont answer . “since last night demi is the most hated person in the world “harry says “why ? can sombody maybe tell me whats going on “he ask . “last night you were piss drunk and make out with demi . (Y/N) make a speech and tell this everybody and well , now everybody hates her ” i explain he looks at (Y/N) in pure shock “princess how can i make this up to you , please i dont even remember i was drunk please forgive me one last time please “he begs and begin to cry .(Y/N) begins to cry too and hide her face in my chest

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