Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


46. Are you Kidding Me?

Your POV-

“thank you “you say walk over and hug him . its getting late but you like the whole family from niall they are all very kind .you getting very sleepy so you say goodbye to everyone and go upstairs to your room , when ou hear the door bell ring .someone opens the door and you hear the voices you love so much . you jump up and run downstairs into the arms of liam “i have missed you so much li “you say and hug the others too “and you guys too “you say and kiss them all on the cheek . “is everything okay with niall now?”zayn ask worried “yeah where is he ?”you ask greg who opened the door , he shrug his shoulders “i dont know i think hes in the garden ” he reply you say goodbye to the boys who get something to eat and to drink from nialls mom and go to bed . as you wake up the next morning from loud shrieks and screams , you groan and change into : you walk downstairs and into the kitchen where niall and his mom are “hey sweetie “you say and kiss him “hey Maura , what is going on outside ?”you ask while hugging her ” there are fans of yours princess “he say “ohhhh i say to them that they have to leave “you say and walk outside . when they see you they start to scream even more you greet them and sign a few things and take pictures . “its so nice that you have come and visit me but we want a bit silence , please leave i have a really bad headache ”you say and thankfully they leave . you walk back into the house and sit down at the counter “what do we do today nialler “you ask and smile “well my aunt Lara has to work so we go babysitting the twins ok ?” he ask ” great i like them they are sooo cute “you reply and smile . so you and niall drive to his aunts house and pick up the twins , your plans was to go to the central park and play on the playground with them . you love them like your own sister and brother . “hey babes are you hungry ??”you ask and look at them “ya can we have an ice pleeeeaasseeee “Leo ask “sure come on “you say and take their hands “bring some ice for me too baby “niall shouts and you nod , the line is not very long so you only have to wait 3 minutes “what do you want ?”i ask them “i want Strawberry ” Katie says “and i want vanilla “leo smiles” ok sweeties , please one strawberry , one vanillia , and two cookie ice “you order the man smiles and you pay .as you walk back you see Mia talking to niall so you just give him his ice and walk to the swings with the twins because you want to give them their privacy .after about an hour you walk back over to them “Oh hi Mila nice to meet you “you say as sweet as possible “hi”she just say “well im glad over your invitation tonight see ya later “she says and walk away “invitation ??????” you ask ”uhm yeah , you remember jusin ?im kind of play her husband tonight because of her parents “he stutter “are you kidding me ? No you dont go “you say “ähhh im going !”“he sais “fine then im go to the charity dancing with your Brother “you answer “wait what charity dancing”he ask “from Karl Lagerfeld , he invited me its in Dublin , first i dont want to go because i thougt i cant work while we are in mullingar but if you are not at home tonight i go dancing “you say “ok fine”he says . you drive the twins home and then back to nialls home . “hey greg are you free tonight ?”you ask , a smile grow on his face “yeah sure why ?”he ask excited “i know boys dont like dancing but Karl Lagerfeld invited me to come to his charity dance gala and niall dont have time he goes out with Mila “you say “wow karl lagerfeld huh ? yeah i go with you when should i be ready ?” he ask “well the limo arrives at 19.00 o’clock because the gala is in dublin “you answer and smile “okay im ready at 19.00 o’clock “he answers you walk upstairs and shower as you finished you change into :  you walk down “greg ?” you shout “im here “he yells back and you walk into the living room . niall and greg sit on the couch . yout take gregs hand “come on greg the limo is here . what do you think ? do i look okay boys ?”you ask .”yeah you look stunning”niall grumbles “self-blame you go out with Mila “you say and kiss him “yeah i regent it “he say “awww see ya later , love you”you say and walk out . you get into the limo . greg is a nice person and you get along with him well . as the limo arrives at the red carped a man opens your door and you step outside “please take my hand “greg say because hes not used to the tons of flashing lights .so you take his hand and start to walk down the carpet , every 2 meter you stop , pose and show the paps your most beautiful smile . at the end of the carpet are reporter “(Y/N) , (Y/N) please one interview “they scream you look at greg “think about what you say ok ? but i dont think they ask you something “you say and pull him in front of the reporter “(Y/N) why isnt niall with you ?”a man ask “he havent got time “you simply say “is this your new lover ?”a women ask “no , hes nialls brother Greg “you reply “theres a romour niall proposed to you at the last concert “another man ask “yeah thats right we are betrothed .”you say and smile “thank you “you say and walk away .

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