Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


52. Apologize Plan

Your POV-

“i want to talk to the boys”you say as coldly as possible “ok but princes-“he begins”im not your princess”you say and he go sad away , a few seconds later 4 faces appears “look boys i want to see you but i dont come home ok ?”you say “and niall can he come too ?”zayn ask “no , i havent forgive him yet . please come to 35th west ,floor 19 “you say and shut the laptop “Zayn was right i cant blame them for nialls faults .”you say and look at him “yeah thats right , the boys have an interview in 30 minutes , we can bake cup cakes for them “jus suggest and you jump up and laugh , you dont want to think about niall right now so you go to the kitchen and pull out the groceries you need .you weigh the sugar when you feel that something hit your back . you turn around and see justin with flour in his hands giggling “oohhhhh wait , you will regent this i promise “you say and take a hand full of flour and throw it into Justins face . with that a huge food fight starts . “okay okay stop hahaha we have to finish the cup cakes the show starts soon “jus laughs so you quickly finish the dough and pull it into the oven . you sit down and turn on the Tv not care that you are dirty all over your body . (I=interviewer , Z=zayn, H=harry , LO=louis , L=liam , N=niall )

I: welcome boys how are you ?

H: honestly ? i feel really bad (all the other boys agree )

I: im sorry for that , where is our lovely (Y/N) ?

N: she cant be h-h-here today s-s-shit sorry (starts to cry )

I: what is going on ?

L: (Y/N) . hes sad because she cant be here today , hes not himself without her

I: oh im sorry , i bet she look at this right now (they all try to calm him down , it dont work )

H: sorry i think we cant do the interview today im so so so sorry

harry mumbles and all the boys stumble out of the studio

“poor Niall “jus say “why says nobody poor (Y/N) huh ? he cheated on ME i havent cheat on HIM ” you shout .”im sorry babe youre right , theyre here soon , go and wash yourself and then change into some of my clothes “he says and you do what he say , after 30 minutes you sit down on the couch , thankfully he has a few things to wear from his ex girlfriend that she left here so you wear :  just then the door bell rings and justin stand up to let the boys in . “heyyyyyyy “jus say cheerfull . he comes in with the boys , and you stand up and hug them all tight “i missed you , zayn was right i cant blame you for niall faults “you say ” i dont want to say something but jus you look really dirty “lou says and laughs “oh RIGHT we made cup cakes for you hahaha “you say and laugh too . you walk into the kitchen to get them when you hear liam say “he is so sorry , he dont want to eat or do something he just lays in his bed and do nothing , its kind of scaring “. you walk in and lay the cup cakes down on the table . “please (Y/N) forgive him , hes nothing withot you , when hes with you he speak nonstop about how lovely and perfect you are , he regent every second of this 3 weeks .”Harry says “boys he dont do much to get me back he dont even call me ” you say

-Nialls POV-

she wants an apologize ???? ok i have a super apologize

-Your POV-

you chat a little bit more with them when zayn gets a call . he quickly go away and answer it . after 4 minutes he comes back “hey babe you want to go shopping ??” he ask “sure “you say and smile , you love shopping so you all get into Harrys car and drive in the city .you walk over to the time square when Zayn suddenly stopps you “look “he say and point at one of the gigantic Tv screens . at the screen is nialls face “Please baby forgive me im so sorry , im nothing without you , i regent it i swear please come back to me that would make me to the happiest boy on earth “he say and suddenly you see niall comes over to you with hundreds of red roses “please forgive me baby girl you mean the world to me “he says tears streaming down his face .

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