Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


24. Akward

Your POV-

you walk over to the car and get in “can i go changing before the signing ?”you ask “uhm sure love but you have to hurry up “liam reply . as you arrive at the apartment the boys are waiting in the car and you quickly change into : your makeup is the same like at the interview because you dont have enough time to change it . you run downstairs and hop in to the taxi . the boys sign at the mall and maybe you go shopping while theyre sign things . at the stage are a long table with 6 chairs . why 6 chairs you wonder as paul say “hey honey the 6th chair is for you tons of fans ask if you sign a few things too ” “ah ok thanks pauli “you say and laugh . you sit next to niall and he takes your hand as the first fan arrive .”hey (Y/N) can i have your autograph too ? You are my idol ” the girl says and smiles “awwww sure love “you reply and sign her paper . then nearly all the fans want you to sign their things . after the signing you are very exhausted and tired . “u want to go home babe ?”zayn ask “uh i dont know . what do you want to do now ?” he cant answer because your phone starts to ring . its your boss “sorry zayn its my boss give me 5 minutes ” you say and walk away . “Hello ?” you answer “Hello (Y/N) i have a few jobs for you . you were booked as moderator for the grammys tomorrow at the evening , a interview tomorrow morning with the vouge , and a gala from VS tonight where i introduce you to important customers ah and you and alexander have an interview about the new bikini collection .” ” when is the interview ” “in two hours please drive to the art studios its room 505 , its on love Tv so please behave good ” “ok im there in 15 “you say and hung up .you walk back to the boys “sorry i have to go i have an interview in 2 hours and after that a VS gala “you groan . they all sigh and hug you as goodbye . you take a taxi and drive to the adress . you take the elevator and stop at floor 5 . as you walk in you see zander siting on the couch . “Hey you must be (Y/N) change into this and then come back here so i can do your makeup . “you nodd and quickly go change . you wear this :  you walk down the hall and sit on the couch . “hey “zander says “hey “you reply .the interviewer comes in and you dont have the chance to say anything more . (Z=zander Y=you I=interviewer )

a man counts a countdown and says that you are live on Tv now

I: Hello Amerkia , today i have two lovely people here (Y/N) Payne and Alexander Ludwig . first we talk a little bit abou the new VS collection for the summer and after that you can twitter us question about (Y/N) and alexander and they answer them live , so lets start . (Y/N) discribe the new colection in 3 words

Y: thats easy . young , sexy and crazy . the new collection is fantastic i love the bikinis very much i would buy them .

I: alexander how is working with (Y/N) ?

Z:well actually great , shes very professional and we get along well .

I:ok now a few personal questions . Guys be honest have you a crush ?

Y:well i think my crush knows the whole world im in love with niall horan

I:and you alexander ?

Z:i cant tell it

I:please for us

Z:im in love with the most gorgeous girl in the world but she has an boyfriend

Y: and who is this lady ?? i would like to know it

Z: You

I:that was a good joke alex haha

Z:no really that was not a joke . i have a crush on her since she said hello to me

I:and (Y/N) what do you think about it

Y:sorry zander too late i have already a boyfriend and i love him to death .

I:do you think hes more sexier than niall

Y: no sorry but niall is the sexiest man in the world for me

I:well it becomes a litlle bit too awkward so question number 2 (Y/N) a fan asked if you sing on the next 1D album

Y:sorry but no im not really a singer

I:question number 3 Zander what are the things you are looking for in a girl

Z: she has to be funny , her eyes have to be nice and she have to support me no matter what .

the interviewer asked us a few more questions and then say goodbye . you quickly go and change and then run out of the apartment not wanting to meet zander . but too late he leans at the wall and waits for you “why do you avoiding me (Y/N) ?”he ask “because since the kiss i feel uncomfortable around you . i mean you say you love me on live TV ” you reply “yeah its true i love you , please give me a chance “he begs and trys to lean in for a kiss . you push him away “no , zander im together with niall now and i love him so fuck off , please . “you say and walk down to get a taxi . you get in and tell the driver the adress when your phone starts to ring it says Niall <3 . “Hello ?”you answer ”hey honey you were awsome at the interview and for me you are the sexsiest women in the world “ “awww thanks niall , zander is so annoying . but i tell him to fuck off . ” “i speak with him later babe ok i promise after that he dont speak with you again “ “yeah thank you . i have to go back to work now bye love you nialler “ “bye princess love you too “ he says and hung up . you grap your bag and walk into the building where the gala is . one last time you go and change into : the night is boring and your boss introduces you to many celebritys and you always smile and shake their hands but you dont care about them . at the end of the night he introduces you to the famous desinger Calvin Klein “hello (Y/N) nice to meet you “he says and shakes your hand . your boss says “well (Y/N) Calvin booked you for tomorrow morning , you and the boys do and underwear shoot together ” you look a little bit socked but then smile . “my idea was that you shoot with all the boys but we have another model too ” he says “thank you . i bet it makes fun “you say . you chat a little bit more with some famous people and than take a taxi to drive home . all the boys wait for you in the living room . ”heeeyyy “you say . they notice that somethig is wrong “what is it (Y/N) ?” harry ask “uhm well we have a shooting together ” “yeah i know whats the problem , do you no for what ??” “yes lou i know for what , its for underwear i have to shoot with each of you . “you say

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