How soccer became my favorite sport

Two friends do a fundraiser for soccer, and have Fablouis experience.


2. Say One Direction...I mean cheese!

(A/N heeeelllllllooooo my people this is Clare here and Kaylin is right beside me, she says peace anywho I will be writing in my POV on her account. I just didn't want any confusion there. Although I think I just confused myself even more. ehhh.....whatever major loser aha camp rock. WE ROCK WE ROCK WE ROCK ON. SOORY i JUST HAD A LITTLE EPISODE THERE. I JUST REALIZED THAT I'M TYPING IN CAPS BUT I'M TOO LAZY TO GO BACK AND CHANGE IT ALL DUH...DUH...DUHHH back to the story peeps)

Clare's POV I actually have to smile for once. Aha who am I kidding I love smiling.

"CLARE GET READY FOR SOCCER PICTURES!" my mum yelled from the kitchen.

"I'M GETTING READY!" I yelled back.


"ALRIGHT MUM!" I yelled at her. My mum is amazayn (A/N aha see what I did there?) she's the best mum anyone could ever ask for. She went through thick and thin to get me VIP passes to the One Direction concert and I will never be able to repay her. She is always there for me. I love her so much.

Once I had gotten changed into my football (A/N I'm changing it to football instead of soccer because it's football not soccer) uniform, I went into the kitchen and sure enough right there on the table was my lightly toasted, English muffin with butter and raspberry jam. My mum knows me too well. After I was finished eating I went to the bathroom an did my hair so it looked absolutely perfect. It's pictures I have to look phenominiall (aha did it again) even though I already always do.

"Clare, are you all ready?" my mum asked me as she walked by the bathroom.

"Yeup, I'm as ready as I'll ever be," I replied. Just before I left I grabbed my iPhone 5 (A/N I don't actually have an iPhone 5). I never go anywhere without that thing. As I got into the car I realised that I had one new text. It was from Kaylin (of course) it said: CALL ME GURLL! That kid, I swear she'll be the death of me.

Once I got to the park where we were getting our pictures taken I got out of the car and Kaylin comes running at me with HER iPhone 5 in her hand.

"IT SAYS YOU READ IT, BUT YOU DIDN'T CALL ME! HOW COULD YOU?" she screamed in my face.

"I was busy," I answered.


"Gurl, take a chill pill, here I got some," I said stunningly calmly to Kaylin.

"YOU DO NOT GURL, TAKE A CHILL PILL, HERE I GOT SOME ME," she said, now people were starting to stare at us.

"Kaylin calm yourself, calm and composed, calm and composed. Deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth, in through the nose, out from the mouth. Feeling better?" I said scared she was going to beat the life out of me.

"Yes, much, sooooooo... the reason I was going to call you was... AWH DAMN I FORGOT!" she said, you can count on Kaylin to always get everything messed up.

"It's okay Kaylin, we all have our blonde moments," I said trying to keep my cool.

"But I'm a brunette and I have blonde moments all the time." she answered.

"I know Kaylin," I said.

"Well let's go get in line. Megan's mum is just setting up our order." she said.

"Okay," I said as we walked off together, little did we know that only in a few hours time we would be having the biggest surprise of our lifetime.

Kaylin's POV

(A/N: Dude that is totally not what happened! Here's my side of the story! The truth! xxxKaylin)

During the ride my stomach had this pit in it, something was going to happen. I have these weird feelings in my stomach when something is about to happen (This is actually true) and I've learned to follow my instincs, and right now they told me to call Clare. I rung her but she didn't pick up. She was either admiring herslef in the mirror or she was taking her presious time in the shower. Jeez you'd think since she plays so many sports she'd have shorter showers. So I texted her instead becasue I knew she would eventually get that. Once I got to the place we were taking the pictures I was more then happy to get out of the car and search for Clare, the damn girl didn't call me! I swear if she wasn't one of the best defenders on our football (or soccer for some) team then she'd be dead. She knows about my stomach things and when I tell her she goes all serious mode. I couldn't find her, so I rested my back against a tree in wait for her.

"Hey gurl!" I reconized as my best-friend Laura! I turned to her voice and saw her crutch her way up the hill. At our last game Laura fractiord her ankle. "Hey crutch," I said mokingly.

"Shut up," she said back, "So whats new?"

"You asked me that last night, when I woke you up," I said laughing to myself.

"Yah about that! I NEED MY BEAUTY SLEEP!!!" She yelled at me.

"Sorry Princess," I said sarcastically.

She pushed her chin up and started to act all royal, which totally faild becasue of the crutches. "Hey guys!" Megan one of my other friends said.

"HI MEGAN!" I yelled.

"HI KAYLIN!" She yelled back. We have a thing going on between us were we just start randomly yelling back and forth at eachother, "Have any of you seen Clare?" I asked.

"Um no.... wait she's right there!" Megan said pointing to where Clare was bouncing up the hill. God one day she's such a tomboy then the next she's as girly as a girl can get. She probably was listening to One Direction on the way here she get's all fan girly and happy when smething about them occurs. I walked up to her, "Hey you miss bubbly blondie you didn't call me!" I yelled at her.

"I didn't what... oh yah sorry I forgot," Clare said.

"Admiring yourself in the mirror?" I asked.

"You know me so well, but actually this time I was savoring the wonders of a english muffin," she said in a fatter-of-factly tone.  

"What-ever but the reason I called you is because.... because.... What can't I remember!" I screamed people started to look at us, so I started laughing. That's Clare and I for yah attention grabbers.

"Dumb blonde!" Clare said sarcastically.

"Look who's talking!" I said holding up a piece of her blonde hair, "I'm a brunette so I can't be a dumb blonde! I'm a smart brunette with many blonde moments! Get it right!"

"Whatever Kaylin, anyways let's go Megan's mom is going to kill us if we don't get into our spot in the line up," Clare pointed out.

"Yah we should probably go," I said. I couldn't help but try to remember the reason I called Clare. It'll probably come to me during the fundraiser.

And it will, just in a way that She never saw coming.........



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