How soccer became my favorite sport

Two friends do a fundraiser for soccer, and have Fablouis experience.


1. Getting Ready


(A/N Hi it's me forever&always or Clare whatever you prefer. I will be the co-author for this story. We will both be writing chapters for this story and if anyone has any problems reading this story then I apologize in advance. Well I hope you all like this. btw this is a fictional story but some parts of it are non fiction. Enjoy!)

Clare's POV

"Clare, wake up!" I heard my mum's voice calling from the living room. Ugh today was the day that I had to go to soccer pictures and then go to my soccer fundraiser at least I would get to see my best friend Kaylin and spend like the entire day with her.

"I'm up!" I yelled back to my mum.

"You're breakfast's on the table."

"Alright, I'll be there in a sec, just let me get changed."


As I was getting changed, I was feeling really excited, because for some reason I knew today was going to be an amazing day. I think it was my spider senses. LOL. I am a hilarious person. I thought to myself. Once I thought I was ready I checked myself out in my full length mirror and went to eat my breakfast.

Kaylin's POV

I woke up wondering where I am cause I didn't recognize the room. I hear a faint snore and i turn around to see my friend Grace, then I remembered where I was. 

"Grace," I say.

"Uh?" she murmurs.

"Where's your iPod?" I asked.

"Idntkou," she murmurs, I knew she meant I don't know.

I search through the blankets and pillows, finally i find it and press the home button. 7:30 it read.

"Omg Grace! Get up!" I say.   

"What?" she asked clearly annoyed.

"It's 7;30!" I say.

"What!?" Grace asks bolting up.

She grabs her iPod out of my hands

"Crap!" she yells.

I rush over to my bag and pull out my soccer uniform. My dad was going to be here to pick me up at 8:30 for my soccer pictures and the fundraiser. After Grace and I get changed I we head into the kitchen o get something to eat. I grab a cookie and stuff it into my mouth, we were just about to make tea (I know, but its really good!), when there was a knock on the door. I check the time and it says 8:21.....

"So much for 8:30," I said as my dad stepped into the house.  

"Yah, oh well," he says.

I grab my things and say bye to Grace. The whole way there i thought about my best friend Clare and how we were going to spend the whole day together.... Weirdly I knew something was going to happen to us today, and it was going to be life changing.

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