Confused Love

Just read and you'll find out :D


9. chapter 8

I wake up with Zayn still around me. A pang of guilt hits me like a brick as I recall last night. Imagines run through my mind at 100 miles per hour.


Niall's eyes.

Niall's hair.

I love Zayn.

I slip out of Zayn's grasp and his eyes flutter open.

"Where you going, love?"

"Just the washroom," I whisper and kiss his lips softly.

I love Zayn.

I go out into the hall wearing nothing but Zayn's oversized t-shirt and my underwear. As I close the door behind me, the neighbour door opens. Niall steps out in nothing but his boxers.

I almost pass out.

I love Zayn.

"You alright?" Niall asks, obviously noticing my faint-like symptoms. I feel like such an idiot.

"Yea!" I say. " Just fi-!" On my way out of the conversation I slip on the hardwood floor. Instead of crashing to the ground, I feel a solid pair of strong arms under me. I look up into Niall's beautiful eyes and forget to stand up.

"You sure?" He says seductively. He helps me to my feet, his hands still on my arms-

"What's going on?" Niall and I push each other apart and I walk over to Zayn, who doesn't look like he suspected anything, just concerned that I may have gotten hurt.

"Nothing! I fell, but Niall.....Niall....." why can't I finish the sentence?

I love Zayn.

"I caught her" Niall finishes. Even when he says it it sounds forced. Niall caught me. I fell for Niall.

I love Zayn.

"Oh. Glad you're alright, babe." He puts his arm around my shoulders. I look at Niall. His eyes are not they're peaceful beautiful selves, but a mix of jealousy, hurt, and anger. We stare at each other as Zayn talks.

"I was thinking since Niall knows so much about canoeing, he could teach you today. You know, you two could go out on the water together. Wouldn't that be fun?

Guilt is here again.

Niall immediately says "yea! Sounds like fun!"

I love Zayn.

........I think.


Niall and I stand out on the dock. He looks so attractive in his tight white t-shirt and black cargo shorts.

I love Zayn.

I don't know why I spent so much time planning my outfit today. I ended up with a tight pink v-neck and short jean shorts. I thought it was subtle but flirtatious at the same time.

I love Zayn.

"Alright. Well the first step is to actually get in the canoe." The sound of  his voice sends a shutter through me. His sexy Irish accent.....

I love Zayn.

"Ok. Which leg goes first?" I say.

"It......doesn't matter." He says questioningly.

"Alright." I put my left foot on the canoe. When I lift my right one, I start to slip....

I let out a squeak.

"Steady." Niall places his hands on my hips and he's so close my back is against his chest. His hands stay planted there for a long time and a rush of heat surges through me.

I love Zayn.

I carefully put my right foot in try to take his hands off me. No matter how much I want them to stay there.

I love Zayn.

"I'm ok now, you can let go." He keeps them there for a moment then slowly takes them back. He easily gets in the canoe and we start paddling.


We're far out in the water when Niall stops paddling. The canoe slowly drifts in the same area.

"....why-why'd you stop?" I ask.

"Because, we need to talk." He says in his sexy accent.

"About what?" I say, though I know the answer.

"Don't play it, Izzy. You know there's something between us. A spark. And I know you're with Zayn but-"

"But what?" I ask, eager to find his answer.

"-but I think I'm in love with you." He leans over close to my face. And even though I know what's coming, I know its wrong, I let him. His lips touch mine and there's such energy its electric. My heartbeat quickens. My palms get sweaty. He's up against me now, my chest on his chest. My arms around his neck. His hands on my waist. We sit there for minutes, kissing a kiss that is so wrong. But this kiss is absolutely ignited. This kiss is everything it wasn't with Zayn.

I love...I love...

Reluctantly he pulls back and looks deep into me.

And that's when I fall out of the canoe.

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