Confused Love

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8. chapter 7

*Niall's POV*

Waiting for Zayn and Izzy is making me eager.

She's all he talks about, and I really hope she's a nice girl. If she breaks Zayn's heart, this will not go over well with the rest of us.

Zayn walks down the stairs with Izzy and-

All the air gets sucked out of my lungs.

Here stands the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Of course she's beautiful, she's Zayn's.

She's perfect, from her hair to her eyes to her body.

A feeling overwhelmes me.

I think I just fell in love with Zayn's girlfriend.

*Izzy's POV*

I walk down the stairs with Zayn, nervous as hell. I take a look at all the boys, to see how they look in person.

I look at Harry, cheeky and sexy as ever.

I look at Louis, adorable and funny.

I look at Liam, smart and hot.

I look at Niall-

Seeing those eyes that I could stare into forever, makes me realize where all the guilt has come from. A nervous feeling collects in my stomach. I want to go sit and talk with him, to stare into his eyes and.... 

No. How could I be thinking this? I love Zayn. I love Zayn.

Zayn talks about me and I can hear his voice, but its distant. I am staring at Niall and he is staring at me. Our eyes carry electricity through them. My heart pounds.

Somewhere, I hear,

Do a spin.

Do a spin.

"Izzy!" My name shakes me back to reality. Zayn's voice says "Izzy! Do a spin for them." I spin around and when I face them again, my eyes lock with Niall's again. Somewhere, I here Zayn say "Shall we eat?"

Niall's eyes still entranced with mine, he says "I could go for some food."


We walk to the dinner table. I go for a chair, and Niall pulls it out for me to sit. I look at him, and cautiously say "thankyou."

I love Zayn.

I sit beside Zayn and Niall sits across from me."Grab what you can." Zayn says. Niall and I both reach for the chicken and our hands touch. It feels like an electric current just shocked my hand. We pull away and look at each other. The attraction is unreal.

Without looking away, he says "you first."

I stare at him and cautiously say "thankyou."

I love Zayn.

Half way through the meal, we are chatting until Niall's foot bumps into my leg. I look up at him to find he's looking at me. I get lost in his eyes and get butterflies until I shake myself out of this dreamland.

I love Zayn.


After dinner, I stand up and say " that was a lovely meal honey. But I'm so exhausted. I'm gonna head to bed. So nice meeting you all.

"You too" they all say with smiles.

"Goodnight" Niall says.

I hesitate and say "goodnight."


*Niall's POV*

The way she said 'honey' broke my heart.

We sit on the couch, and Zayn says "so what do you think! You like her?"

Do I.

All the other boys say "she's perfect!"

I don't say a word. All I think is,

I wish she was mine.


*Izzy's POV*

I lie in bed staring at the wall.

I love Zayn.

After about 20 minutes Zayn climbs into bed. He kisses the back of my neck and whispers "they love you"

I love Zayn.

He takes my face in his hands and kisses me, soft and long.

I love Zayn.

He spoons me with his arms around me.

I love Zayn.

I fall asleep and dream about the Irish boy.

I love Niall.


Ouh drama!

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