Confused Love

Just read and you'll find out :D


7. chapter 6

I can't believe it.

I kissed Zayn Malik.

We are a sort of "item" now.

We keep it from the public.

For my own safety.

Zayn always does anything to protect me.

But guilt still gets me hard.

Because every kiss, every laugh, every touch,

Feels like a mistake.


We walk hand in hand down the twisting neighbourhoods of a town I can't remember.

This is Zayn's vacation cottage. Even though we have only been dating a mere week and a half, he thought it would be fun since the boys had a break from work.

I need to tell him, to get it off my chest. That something didn't feel right.

I slow to a stop. "Za-"

"Oh! I almost forgot to tell you!" He interrupts. "I thought I'd surprise you by telling you the rest of the boys are coming down tomorrow! They finally get to meet you!" He throws his arms up in the air. "Surpriiiise!"

I look at him with my lips parted slightly, as if I'm going to say something, but no words come out. When I'm with Zayn, it doesn't feel like I'm with Zayn Malik from one direction. It feels like I'm with Zayn, my boyfriend. This news makes me feel like I felt right before the signing. Like I'm about to meet celebrities I have crushes on. A rush of nervous energy zooms through me. I just stand there like the idiot I am, with my lips slightly parted.

Zayn quickly kisses my lips and touches his right hand to my face, resting his left hand on the small of my back. I kiss back and we kiss for a long time. I love it, but there's no real spark.

Zayn cuts off my thoughts by saying "I should surprise you more often"


I am nervous.

I set the table for dinner, then go change. Zayn is cooking.

I slip on a flowered tanktop and a black high-wasted skirt. I look in the mirror of Zayn and I's room. For once,  I look beautiful.


I sit on the bed of our room waiting.

I hear the doorbell ring and the boys' voices. They're joking and laughing and hugging from what I can hear.

I hear footsteps and the stairs creak. A knock on the door. "Come in"

Zayn steps in the room with a sexy dress shirt and jeans on. My heart did a little leap.

"Hey, you al-"

*Zayn's POV*

I stopped mid sentence.

So did my heart.

She was wearing a black flowered tanktop and a black high-waisted skirt that caught her curves in all the right places.


She kisses my lips and fireworks go off. I can't believe how much I love this girl. How right this feels. She pulls back and says "I should look this pretty more often."

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