Confused Love

Just read and you'll find out :D


6. chapter 5

*Zayn's POV*

There she was, just standing there, crying. Seeing her cry tore me apart inside. It felt like I was crying. I had to go up to her. I looked into her puffy eyes and something inside me just melted. She was just so cute. And I barely know her. I just wanted to grab her beautiful face in my hands and kiss her until I got lost. Just like I do now.


*Izzy's POV*

I cannot believe this. I am sitting in a coffee shop with Zayn. We ran from crazy fans until we lost them. Now we are sitting in a Starbucks and I still can't talk. Not a word. Zayn talks for a long time, each sentence forming as a question to get me to talk. He finally laughs and says "talk to me!"

I look down into my hot chocolate and smile. "Okay. Now I have a question. Why me?"

His smile evaporates and he stares into my eyes.

"Why you?" He takes my free hand.

"Why you? Izzy, from the moment I saw you at that table, something inside of me.....I couldn't believe there was someone as beautiful, as amazing, as perfect as you. You took all my breath away. Now that I'm talking to you, and making you laugh......I realize that you're not just beautiful on the outside. And you know what the crazy part is?"

In a fix, I say "what?"

Not taking his eyes off me, he leans across the table and whispers in my ear,

"You don't know you're beautiful"


We finish our drinks. Hand in hand, we walk out of Starbucks. We stand on the sidewalk, facing each other.

He looks at me with that smile and I bite my lip. With the look he gives me I can tell it drives him crazy. His eyes travel from my eyes to my nose to my lips, and stay there transfixed. He looks like he's about to kiss me. I get prepared. Just then a crack of thunder booms the sky and it starts to pour rain. I throw my head back and let out a loud laugh. Zayn becomes serious as he puts his hand on my waist.

"What's your biggest dream?" He asks.

I put my arms around his neck.

"To be kissed in the rain." I reply.

He pulls me closer.

"What's yours?" I inquire.

He looks into my eyes.

"To be the one kissing you."

He kisses my lips.

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