Confused Love

Just read and you'll find out :D


19. chapter 20

I wake up with Niall.

The menu for The Notebook blares out. We must have fallen asleep watching it.

I carefully turn around to face a still sleeping Niall. He is adorable when he sleeps. I gently kiss his lips. after a moment his eyes flutter open and he smiles, kissing me back. He puts a hand on my waist, pulling me in...

My phone rings.

"Just a moment" I say and give him a peck. He watches me talk with a small smile on his face.

"Hello?" I ask. Who could be calling.

"Isabella. It's me." My mom sounds angry. She used my full name.

"I want you to come home. Now."

I swear I can feel my heart stop.

"If you think you're living in ENGLAND, with a boy, you're delusional. You need to be with your family." I am so crushed, so angry, so determined to stay in London I am screaming into the phone.

"No! Mom! No! I'm staying! I can't leave! I have to be here with Niall! I love him! I can't leave!" I am crying now, the thought of being without Niall unbearable. I sink to my knees and blabber into the phone "I can't leave." Niall runs over to me and sits on the floor with me.

"I'll call you back" she says softer. This is for your own g-"

I slam my finger into the End Call button.


*Niall's POV*

"You can't leave," I say and hold her so tight I can't breath. I barely manage to get the three words out. She is crying uncontrollably and I can feel the tears in my eyes. "I understand if you have to go" I whisper. But I don't. I don't understand. I don't understand how I will stand one day, one hour, one minute without her. I take her face in my hands and kiss her, our wet faces against one another. We're both crying. Neither of us knows what to do.

I help her pack. I remember the last time we did this, packing for my place. This time there is no goofing around. Or laughing. Or kissing. The only sound our soft sobs. When we are done we sit in a huddle on the floor, holding each other. Crying. One mess.


*Izzy's POV*

Niall insisted on waiting at the airport with me. And if he didn't, I don't know how I'd get on the plane.

"Flight 815 is now boarding."

"That's me," I whisper. I'm about to walk away when Niall yanks me back and kisses me. He kisses me longer, sweeter, harder than he even has. This tells me how much he will miss me. We are both crying.

We kiss for at least 3 minutes until someone taps me on the shoulder. An older lady says "Miss, are you boarding this plane or not?" I look at him. I softly say "I wish I wasn't" before walking away.


I cry for almost the whole 7 hours.

I am softly sobbing, holding the stuffed bear Niall got me for whenever I missed him when an elderly woman beside me asks "leaving someone behind?"

I look at her. She seems nice.

"Yes," I whisper. She looks at me with a pained look.

"I know how you feel." She says. I know she doesn't.

"I had to leave my husband behind 2 years ago. He had to go to a trip for work. We have been married for 45 years. I'm flying back to see him now."

I think of how that will be me and Niall some day.


My mom picks me up from the airport and I refuses speak to her.

I reluctantly smash myself into the front seat and slam the door.

"Izzy, I know you're mad at me. I understand that. I know you might want your space right now, so I got your own apartment...." She holds out a key. I snatch it from her hand

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