Confused Love

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18. Chapter 17

*Niall's POV*

No. This cannot be happening.

"Izzy! Wait! Stop!" I push Alice off of me. I can't believe she did that, knowing Izzy and I are public.

She's running down the street now. I try to jog after her. Alice tries to grab my arm but I shove her hard and yell "Get away from me!" She's running fast.

"Izzy! Stop! I didn't kiss her!" She turns around and the look in her eyes is more hurt than I've ever seen her. I can see she's crying now. She holds a bag in her hand and says "This is for you." She throws the bag at my chest and it falls to the street. I pick it up and open it. Inside folded perfectly is a stunning blue dress. A teardrop falls on it and I look up but she's gone.


*Izzy's POV*

I run. I run as fast as my legs carry me. As far away from Niall as I can get. I am near a park near the complex when it starts to pour. That's when I sob louder. I find a tunnel that I duck under for shelter. I hug my knees and cry so loudly Niall could probably hear me from the complex. How could he do this? Kiss another girl? He said we were going go be together until we die. We did things last night that I had never done with anyone else. I thought this was serious. I thought he was the one.

Then it hits me.

This is what Zayn must have felt.

I kissed another guy while we were dating. Better yet, his best friend. How could I be so cruel?

I told myself it was ok, because Niall was the one. But what if Zayn thought that about me?

I cry even louder, because I hate myself the most.


*Niall's POV*

I try to find her. I run down the street. Check every alley. Every coffee shop. Every store. It takes half an hour until I can hear her cries.

I go to the park the boys and I have been to many times. I see her now. She's huddled under a metal tunnel. I run to her. Sprint to her. She can't see me because her head is on her arms. I sit down and grab her shoulders, knowing she'll take off if I come.

She's shaking uncontrollably. She's only wearing a thin t-shirt and shorts. It's freezing rain. I try to make it as quick as possible.

"That was Alice. She's an ex of mine, we had a little thing years ago. She doesn't mean a millionth of what you mean to me. She kissed me. I pushed her off me. I will only love one other girl as much as I love you. And that will be our daughter."

She looks up at me with a furious look.She is soaked and her mascara runs down her face. She is still beautiful.

"I don't believe you." She says harshly. But I can see my words got to her. She softens a bit.

"Do you honestly think I would jeprodize the girl I love for some redhead misfit?"

This makes her laugh. She leaps forward and kisses me. She kisses me with more passion and love than she ever has before. I lift the bag and say "you're going to need this soon" and wink. She laughs a bit. I give her my sweater and we walk back to the complex hand in hand.


*Izzy's POV*

When we get back, we get into warm pajamas. He wraps blankets around me and makes me hot cocoa. This reassures me that Alice girl kissed him against his will.

We snuggle up in bed and watch The Notebook. He starts crying and I kiss away his tears.

I fall asleep in his arms.

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