Confused Love

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17. Chapter 16

*Harry's POV*

I am so dumb.

Do I like Izzy?

I can't.

Not after everything that happened with Zayn and Niall.

I don't.

Then why do I get mad every time I see them kiss?

I sit on my bed, face in my hands. I have to figure this out. A knock on the door shakes me out of my daze. I get up and answer it.

"What do you wan-"

I stop short as I see her. Instead of her pajamas pants and Niall's t-shirt she now wears black shorts and a red top that cuts low under her collarbone.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt anything. Should I leave?"

"No!" I blurt it out and regret it. It sounds too desperate. I clear my throat and in a calm voice say "Come in." She walks in and sits down on the couch. "I came to you because I have a big date with Niall tonight." Is this some kind of sick joke? This hurts. But I'm curious so I let her continue. "I want to go to the mall and get a new dress for tonight. To really wow him."

I wish she was trying to wow me.

I push it from my head.

"Will you help me pick it out? I want another guy's opinion."

"Of course."


"Alright. I'm gonna try these three on. Be right back." She winks at me before walking to the change room.

My heart does a flip.

I want for a couple minutes before she comes out.

She wears a midnight blue dress that goes to just above her knee. It is strapless and has a thick black band under her bust. She looks breathtaking.

"What do you think?" She asks as she does a spin. At first my mouth is too dry to say anything. But she looks at me expectantly. I sit up and say "Don't even bother to try on the others."

We walk out of the store, her dress in her bag. She jokes and laughs and talks. This is the time.


*Izzy's POV*

Harry is being so nice. He's also flirting a bit, but I brush that off as his cheeky personality.

We're walking when he stops.

"Izzy, I need to talk to you."

About what? What would he need to talk to me about?

He looks at me seriously. "This past little while, I've been feeling things. For you...." he grabs my hand. I stare down at it. "Wh-what are you doing ...."

I feel a pang of dejavu. Like this has happened before.


Grabbing my hand.

Me asking what he was doing.

Him leaning in.

Him kissing me....

I jerk away panicky. "Harry, I'm very flattered. But I can't kiss you. No. Not like with Zayn."

His eyes widen. "Oh, you thought I was-? No no no no no Izzy, I wasn't going to kiss you. I should've known you thought I was. I'm so sorry-"

"It's ok" I smile. I kiss him on the cheek. Just like I did with Zayn.


I get home and I feel horrible.

I just broke another heart.

I go to talk to Niall first thing.

I know he won't go too far this time.


*Niall's POV*

There's a knock on the door of the complex.

No one seems to answer so I open it.

A girl with fire-red hair bursts through the door and hugs me tightly, and I know that hair anywhere.


She's an old friend I met through a mutual friend of ours. I admit we had a thing long ago, bit that was years ago. We dated for a couple weeks and broke up. No big deal.

She starts chatting and asking me how I am and how I've been. We make small talk for a while until she stands on her tip-toes and whispers in my ear " I've missed you." Then she kisses me.

It's so unexpected I don't know what happening. I pull back and look at her with disgust.

That's when she steps aside and I notice Izzy behind her.



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