Confused Love

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15. chapter 14

My heart stops.

Did he just say Mel? My best friend Mel?

I haven't talked to her since the signing.Niall notices the look on my face. "What?" He looks confused. I shouldn't tell him about Mel. I don't want to start drama.

"Nothing" I smile and put my hands on his chest.

"Just happy I'm all yours."


Zayn comes in and tells us we should start packing, since we have to leave the cottage.

"We-we what?" I ask. No no no. This cannot be happening. I don't want to go back home. It's going to be so hard without Niall all the way in the US. I start to cry after Zayn leaves.

"I don't want to go home. I don't want to be away from you. I won be able to handle it." Niall pulls me in close to him. He whispers in my ear "come home with me."

I look him in the eye to see if he's serious. It a couple weeks into summer, and I graduated highschool so I don't need to worry about that.

I look up at him and smile.

"I'd like that."


*Niall's POV*

The trip back to London is a long one.

I helped her pack. We ended up goofing around and playing. Then we started kissing.

She is amazing.

I spend the whole bus ride with my arm around her. She falls asleep against my chest and I look at her. Her lips are parted into a small smile and her arms are wrapped around me. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, awake or not. I love her more than I ever have.

And I am now certain, I never want to let her go.


*Izzy's POV*

I still can't believe my mom said yes.

I wake up still attached to Niall in the car. I wipe all the drool off my face. Man, I'm attractive.

I look up at him to find him smiling down at me. That sexy smile.

"Hello beautiful." He leans down and kisses me. I kiss back and its still magic.

"Ew, get a room!" Louis yells. The rest of the boys laugh, except harry. He just looks back at us and turns back around.

"Well, we always have the trunk...." Niall winks. I roll my eyes and we come to a stop.

"We're home!" Louis yells as he pulls into a driveway and parks the van. Niall helps me get out and carries my bags for me. As we walk up to the beautiful complex I kiss his cheek as a thankyou. He just smiles.

Niall and I go up to floor 3; his floor. In the elevator he grabs me and kisses me. Bang. Sparks. Fireworks. Butterflies. My heart pounds. My fingers tighten around his shoulders. I love this. I want this.


The doors open and I let go. He carries our bags to a door and sets them down as he punches in a long, complicated code. The door swings open and he picks me up honey-moon style. He carries me through the doorway and throws me onto the bed. He jumps on it and we lay together on top of the blankets, holding each other. He gently says "The next time we do that, your last name will be mine."


Zayn tells me Mel is visiting today.

I don't know how I feel about this.

We're still friends, its just....we haven't talked in so long. I get excited but nervous. I don't know what she'll say.


We're all at Zayn's place, waiting for Mel.

I wear a short red strapless dress that has a silky material. My hair is down and I feel beautiful. Niall tells me I am.

We hear the door open and Zayn walks in with Mel on his arm. She's wearing a stunning black dress with thick straps. She is gorgeous.

I stand up and face her. "Hi Mel, I-"

I see her hand coming towards my face.

I feel pain.

I feel myself stumble back and trip over the coffee table.

I feel myself hit the ground hard.

I see black.

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