Confused Love

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11. chapter 10

*Niall's POV*

I feel horrible.

I just betrayed my best friend. I took his girlfriend. The only thing that is stronger than my guilt is my love for Izzy.

She was crying all last night. Even in her sleep. I was crying with her, holding her in my arms and trying to reassure her as much as myself.

Her eyes flutter open and I kiss her lips gently. She kisses back until she starts to sob. "It's alright" I say to her in a gentle tone. "I can talk to him." Panic rises in her eyes. "No Niall! Don't! He'll be too angry at you!" She begins to cry again and says quietly "I don't want you to get hurt."

This snaps my heart into two. I take her face in my hands and say "I would never, do that to you." I kiss her deeply and get lost in her. She kisses me back and she wraps her arms around my waist, pulling me closer. I kiss her, and the way she makes me feel is so powerful I wish I could stay like this forever.

And I never want to stop.


*Zayn's POV*

Life, without Izzy, is a dull one.

I wake up in my empty bed and my heart reaches for her touch. Her smile. Her laugh.

It finds it. With Niall.

I curl up into a ball, refusing to acknowledge anything or anyone. No more tears come out. I am all cried out.

I am nothing.


*Izzy's POV*

The only time I feel the thinnest ray of happiness is when I am with Niall. It feels like it will be ok. Then I am reminded of Zayn, sitting alone in a room that used to be ours, crying over me.

That's when the ray disappears, and not even Niall's touch can make it better.

I decide to venture to the bathroom, part of me hoping I don't bump into Zayn. Part of me hoping. I need to tell him how much I still care about him, and that he must move on.

When I come back to the guest room, to Niall, him and all of my belongings are gone. A giant grin makes its way to my face. Knowing where everything is, I walk into Niall's room. He's sitting there smiling at me. "You're quite clever" I jump on him and we both go sailing to the floor. I pin his shoulders down with my hands and straddle his waist.

"Excuse me mister, but stealing is a crime." He then says "You can call me a thief." I bend down and kiss him, a kiss in which we're both smiling. He sits up so I am sitting on his lap. Grabbing my legs he stands up. We stay like this with my legs wrapped around his legs, supported with his hands. We hear a noise that makes us pull back. There stands Zayn looking through the door I forgot to close.

I hop off Niall. I walk over to Zayn and say, "I need to talk to you. Can we take a walk?"


We walk down the same twisting neighbourhood we did just three days ago. So much has changed since then. So much has happened.

I stop and face him.

"Zayn. I know you're hurt. I'm just as miserable as you. And I want you to know I still care about you as much as I did a week ago. And you need to move on-"

"What if I don't want to?" He takes my hand.

"Zayn, what are you-"

He looks at me with eyes that show his desperation. "Please, let me do this." He pushes my face to mine and our lips touch. As soon as they do I push him off me."Zayn! Stop!" I look at him, half scared and half angry. "I'm with Niall now. I'm with Niall."

Zayn looks so shocked. "I'm so sorry Izzy. I don't...I mean I didn't-"

"It's ok." I interrupt. "I understand." I then plant a kiss on his cheek and walk away

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