all up to me

a girl named ashley goes to a one direction concert and meet one direction. she become good friends with niall and then starts to cheat on him with another band member . will she get cought??


6. whats happening?


"Is something wrong?" i ask louis as we go to go sit down with ashley. " no not with us ashley never told you something about her adn needs to tell you. we also have to help her." he said pulling out chairs for us. " oh okay. so ashley what did you need to tell me?" we got quiet for a minute. "i never really like one direction my sister came and told the boys every thing... but scince i have met you and the lads i actually like you guys". i was shocked to hear what she had just said. "oh. so thats why they are all mad?" i ask lookingat them both. they look at each other then look at me and nod. "yup.. and thats why we have to help her. we gotta get niall to love her again.. and for all the boys to like her again." " come on" i said to ashley and pulled her out of her chair. " hey! what about mee?!" louis said with a checky smile on his face. i rolled my eyes adn pulled him up with all my might. he pretended to fall over and he fell on to my lips. " wow watta fall" i said wit ha smile" "i know good thing you cought me." he said taking my drink and running away. "HEY!!! COME BACK!" i look at ashley. we laught and chase him down the road. we finnaly came to a stop and out of breath. we all flopped down on the grass and started laughting. he called niall and he ran around the corner. " whats wrong?!!" he looks at us weirdly. we all where randomly rolling arounf in the grass and we all where laughing. " hey and nothing  come hang out an have a good time it will be fun i promis" el said pulling niall to the ground.



louis had called me and made me run down the road to find him laughting with my ex and his girlfriend on the gound laughing like mad mans. i spent the day with ashley, louis and el. i had to edmite it was pretty fun. we went to the mall and took photos in the photo both. they where pretty funny pics too. i had a good time. " um niall im really sorry" i turn around and see ashley crying. " its okay i understand that  you and your sister were fighting because of jellyness." she laughted at my word 'jellyness' i gave her a hug and a kiss on the head. el and louis come running out of the candy store wit h a crowd behind them laughing their heads off,. "RUN!"  louis says and he passes us. we look at each othe rand start running and laughing w/ them.  we ran tell we all got into one bathroom and locked it. good thing no one was in there. " well this is a lovly place to hide." i said. every one laughted at my sarcazime.  

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