all up to me

a girl named ashley goes to a one direction concert and meet one direction. she become good friends with niall and then starts to cheat on him with another band member . will she get cought??


12. went left instead of right

as niall left me, i balled. i couldnt forgive my self ever! i got up and left the hotel. i went the opposite way instead of niall. i think he had saw me. i looked at him and went back to the hotel. i got a bag that was in there, i think it was liams, he wouldnt mind me using it.  i walked over to the kitchen and looked around, i had grabbed a water bottle, something else and went into nialls room. i took the bag off of my back and put on one of nialls polo tops. i put on my jacket that had been on the couch for a few days. i headed to liams room and left a note.

" Hey liam buddy,...

im so mad at myself for what i had done to niall and ashley, the lad hates me now. haha as you just read, a little of him had rubbed off onto me. well ill miss you all. verry much, i think one direction is better off with out me. no one wants me in one direction anyways, well no one wants me at all. im better off where i am headed. i love you all and will always have all you guys with me, i took your batman bag if your ok with that, it makes me amile cuz it reminds me of you so much, not the fact that its yours but cuz you where my batman. i took nialls red polo ik he will be mad ... but i also hopes he understands i will miss him so. and for lou, and hazza i have hazzas beanie and louis toms even tho he has huge feet.. well you know what they say bout huge feet and its true oneday you will see what i mean, even as harry. ill miss you all and i love you all but, im out of one direction. bye..


ps. pls done show niall this.."

i put the note on his pillow and closed the door a little. i zipped up my coat turned around niall was there. "going some where?" niall asked. i looked up and him and a tear slid down my cheek, "maybe.. its for the best.." i said and walked out the door to harry and louis room. niall followed and saw i had put a not on louis bed but not harrys. i went back into niall and liams room and went into liams bag and locked liams bedroom door so niall couldnt go in. niall saw what was in the bag.  "ZAYN WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? YOUR ACTING STUPID! GO PUT THE KNIFE BACK! " He started yelling at me. i looked at him and gave him a cold look, and left. he chased me out the door "Fine Go Kill your self. no one cares! you have no fans, go die!" he shouted. everyone hurd him, all the fans, harry, louis, the workers. i looked back at him and then ran off, crying. yea i might be crying but if someone did this to you, someone who was your best friend, you would  be crying too.


i ran to the bus stop. the 136 came not that long after, i got on the bus, the bus driver was looking at me shocked. " go on ahead you done have to pay, ill take you anywhere you would like just name it. and are the others comming?" she had said. " the minner cemetery please and no... this ones just me now." i walked to the back and sat the the back. everyone was lookign at me, i put in my head phones and put it n full blast listening to our albums. i slouched down a little and looked out the window, there i saw niall hiding, giving a dirty look but also looked sad. the bus started to move. and right away headed to the cemetery.

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