all up to me

a girl named ashley goes to a one direction concert and meet one direction. she become good friends with niall and then starts to cheat on him with another band member . will she get cought??


9. this has to be over

ashleys pov

" thats niall, liam,harry and your secret boyfriend zayn... but you should also know that you an niall dated and never really broke up. " i looked at louis with shock... " so im in 2 relastionships.? im cheating on them?!" he got up off he bed and closed the door so they cant hear me. 2 yeah. and you need to tell one if themn that you dont want to be with them." " but who i dont know any of them." " then for now leavew both and then when you get to know them tell the one you love that you love them." " can you tell zayn or what ever his name was and ill tell the blond?" " yeah" " thanx i love you louis" " i love you too 'sis'" with that he left to go tell xayn and to tell niall i want to talk to him. " heey there hunn" "urm i, so urm louis saids i was going out with you? and well its best if i got nto know you again.. and yeah." " oh urm okay. uh yeah. thats cool with me, imma go get a drink want something?" "no im good. " okay well i guess all see you around."





A/N heey sorry this chapter is small. plz comment on what you guys think. thanxx

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