all up to me

a girl named ashley goes to a one direction concert and meet one direction. she become good friends with niall and then starts to cheat on him with another band member . will she get cought??


2. The concert

I had just got a a text from Ashley.*hey I'm already in line can't wait* wow she really seemed like a fan. I wish I had meet her before so I could have asked her out. "I really like her." Iooked at Louis with a puppy face. "Well I truly think you should first get to know her. She wat kinda person she is." "Yeah.i just wish I had meet her sooner. Hey do yu wanna come with my to go see her for the first time?" "Sure I hope Eleanor is there." We left his flat and went to go see her.

I was waiting in line when a girl came behind me "omg omg omg icant believe I got chosen by Louis Tomlinson" she started fan girling to her self. 'Retard' I thought tony self. I look at her and smiled. "Oh sorry if i am creeping you out. My name is Eleanor" "no it's okay and I'm Ashley I got chosen by Niall." She smiled and gave me a hug. Another girl came and she was chosen by Harry her name was Anna. We all talked tell el spotted Niall and Louis. "OMG OMG OMG!!!! THERE'S NIALL ASHELY AN LOUIS WITH HIM!!!!OMGGGG!" The boys walked up to us and gave us hugs. Niall smelt pretty good just to add in. But I still didn't like them. "Hi Niall" "hi Ashley. Wow you look amazing!" Even tho I wore a shit load of make up he thought I was pretty. What was with this guy! "Oh thanks" I tried to make it look like I was blushing. "So where are the others ?" "Oh they are getting ready. We just wanted to pass by and see you guy" he smiled. "And to get Starbucks" Louis added. "Yumm" I Hurd el say . The boys left a few munits after.
I had been talking to el and Anna for most a hour we all made nic names and change number they where both really nice but wouldn't shut up about the boys. Finally the boys came back and saw that the line had gotten 10x bigger. They smiled and high fives everyone Niall high fives me but then held my hand for a munits while he passed by. He had handed me something and Louis handed el a bag, Harry handed Anna a note and Liam and zany the same thing. The boys had givin all of us something. El look at me I looked at Anna and Anna looked at el. I looked at what he had givin me the back stage pass and a map to his dressing room also a way to sneak in he told me to bring only el. El looked in the bag she had gotten a back stage pass and a note that said follow Ashley and a rose. Anna looked at the note it was kinda like a love note and was pretty sweet. Harry walked past me and gave me a dirty look.

I walked past Ashley and saw all that crap on her face. It was gross it looked she was in the circus not to be mean but that's how much make up and cover up she wore. She was wearing evening then she was I the pic she sent Niall. "Niall ... I need to talk to yu reall fast" I stopped him in the middle of the crowed. I whispered in his ear. "You might not like this but.. I have a feeling that Ashley is bad news". He just walked away. I could just tell that she was up to something. She didn't scream or looked shoocked when Niall held her hand or when any of us pasted by. Ergot in and Got ready to go on stage.

I took ashs hand and ran in I sowed the sicurity my pass and went in we ran to Front row. The boys came out. They started off with one thing, and ended with I want. It was amazing they said they had to tell us something I'm big. "Thanks for come out to see us to night we love you all and we have big news just for you guys." Zany said Trying to calm down. "We are making a new song" Niall added in. Louis said out of no where "KEVINNNNN" "what the hell" Harry said. And next thing I knew a plastic pidgion was toosed on stage. Louis picked it up and kissed it .
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