all up to me

a girl named ashley goes to a one direction concert and meet one direction. she become good friends with niall and then starts to cheat on him with another band member . will she get cought??


1. shhh

it was 6 am and my radio went off. 'here is our new boy band onnne direction!' the radio speacker said. i jumped up and shut it off. my sister lilly comes in '' what are you do8ing its one direction put it back on!'' '' no there just another stupid boy band." and with that she stormed out my room mad at me once again. me and my sister never got along and it was mostly about that stupid boy band. i went to my dresser that had a mini mirror on it and put on sime eye liner, masckara, and cover up. i changed in to ripped red jeans adnd put on a skrillex top thati had gotten at his concert. i straighton my hair an turned the radio back on 'hey you directioners!! want to come to our concert and meet us? hang out with us for a day ?? then text this number fast and we will message you back if you are the choosen one' a man with a slow british voice said. i was guessing like it was harry because how i know him hes that one who always talks slow so he can get this way ariund girls. another voice came on it was a man with a thick accent i knew that was niall because you could never understand what he was saying. 'so hurry up and text ths number 725-826-4825,691-548-6845,843-578-9874,358-587-8912,and 659-348-5178' then all of them said ' we are one direction thanks for texting!!' i thought to my self for a bit the only thing that would get  the most is to go to that concert and to speend a day with her fav band and not bring her. i put my snapback on and headed down stairs texting that number. "hi, mom" " hey hunn what you doing" " nothing you??" " making your sister a lunch" "bye!!" my" sister yelled in the backround. "wait heres your lunch" my mom ran to the door giving it to her. " im going to school now bye". and i left. 


i was sitting on the couch in he studio when i hurd my phone beep. i look down "i got95 text so far. what about you guys?" "i have 59" louis said. "i have 51... wait no 60 now" liam looked and let out a laugh. "lads look at this girl. shes beautiful" i said stiaring at my phone. zayn comes over and says "TEXT HER BACK!"  so i did. i hope she was not buzy and i interuped her.she looked around the sme age as me. maybe a year younger. i got up and went to the washroom. i did what i had to do and then read her text over again. her name was ashley  and she sent me a picture. i walk out and saw that ed sheeran was there too. " oh hey ed""hey niall i will be your opening act at the concert." " great " i sat down nd then zayn said he found a girl named izzy louis found a girl named eleanor liam and harry had found 2 friends and they where gonna come. we all had people to hang out with but not all could come back stage it was all up to the concert to find out who would go back stage. "hey, ed do you wanna join us in our day with a fan?" liam asked him. "sure". we left the sudio to go to our hotel rooms. i went nto mine and feel asleep.


i was in the middle of class when my phone went off. i looked around the room to try to fit in with the class so it didnt look like it was me. i looked over to my friend lori. she looked at me and laughed . i look at the teacher she looked really mad "class  if you have a cell phone go put it in your locker now! if i find another phone in my class it will be mine" and with that almost all the class walked out of the class room to put thier phones in thier school bags. i ran over to lori and looked at the text * hi im niall one of the 5 from one direction i have chossen you to be the lucky girl to come to my concert in front row and to spend a day with me and the lads* she looked at me. " i tougjht you dont like one direction." " i dont its pay back for my sis" she rolled her eyes and went back to class i text niall back asking when was the concert and the day with the lads. i put my phone on vibrate put it in my pocket and went back in class. school ended at 2:00pm and  i went over loris today.i checked my phone and saw that i had 2 text one from niall and another from my sister asking if i would be hime because she was locked out. i read lilys then i read nialls *the concert is tomorrow night and then the day with 1D  is on friday.* i sent him back a text and headed to my house.


i walked in nialls room to see him sleeping and he had a text message. i looked who it was. it was ashely. i dont know why he thinks she is so pretty. she is but not with all that stuff on her face. she had to much mascara and had black eyeliner around her eyes ahe looked goth. and she looked like she was only 12 pounds. i put his phone down and went to get some of his junk food. i ran out and left before he fully woke up. i went to my room with zayn liamand louis. "so for our new song for our new song what should it be about?"i looked at them"a girl being snobby"louis said" where did you ever get that idea mate?" liam said with a weird face. we all laugh and niall came in the room. "hey noaller what about this for a new song. its about a snobby girl who only wants us but doesnt love us and does it so she can hurt our poor little hearts?" "sure". " hey wait thoose are my gummy bears..." we all looked at each other "no.. " harry said putting them behind him.


I finally arrived at my hiouse. i walked ove to lily and showed her my text messages from niall. "WHAT!?!?!? BUT....BUT YOU DONT LIKE THEM NOT FAIR!!!" i looked at her with a checky smile " and its tomorrow night and on friday 2 days in a row with one direction almost every girls dream" i unlocked the door and walked in i turned on the radio and justin bieber was on. i was kinda a fan of him but i liked his songs as long as you love me and boyfriend. i had to act like a fan at the concert so i spent all night doing research about them . they where preety lame. liam is scared of spoons, louis has a pet plasic bird, zayn well hes okay he has swagg, harry has an obobession of cats adn niall is well there is nothing weird with niall too. i looked at my phone and saw that it was 10:36pm , so i went to bed.

the next morning i woke up and good think one direction was in london . and i didnt have to take a plain to the concert. i got ready and put some eye liner on not as much as normal tho. my sister walked in and said "if you want to impress hem dint wear make-up" " so then i sould put a bit more on right?" she took something out of my room and went back to hers i didnt knowwhat it was but i didnt care right now. i left the house to go to catch a bus so i can go wait in line for the concert. i got to the place adn saw 15 girls there already some had sleeping bags. it was riund 8:00 when i got there. i looked at my phone an wanted to ask niall what was taking so long but i didnt want to sound un patiant when i was tryin to get closer tpo them so i can rub it in my sisters face.

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