all up to me

a girl named ashley goes to a one direction concert and meet one direction. she become good friends with niall and then starts to cheat on him with another band member . will she get cought??


10. new start?

nialls POV

" oh urm okay. uh yeah. thats cool with me, imma go get a drink want something?" "no im good. " okay well i guess all see you around." i kept replaying that conversation in my head. did she reaally just break up with me? i kept walking down the hall, i started crying, i felt lost, my first true love broke up with me. i know she said tell we get to know eachother again but what if she doesnt ove me again, i still ove her. i feel to the ground in tears. with my back up on the wall people where passing me,  looking at me, hey didnt know what to do. zayn then came. "hey mate whats wrong?" i was too sad to talk so i stayed silent. "niall? are you okay? did she tell you?!" i looked up at him. with a blank face. "she did... im so sorry i never thought that we would be together i never wanted it to be like this.." zayn said feeling the worst ever. what was he talking about? he never ment it to be like this. he never ment them to be together...there was only 2 things that could have happend. 1) he is going out with her now. or 2) she was cheating on me for him. i got up and ran away from him. i kept running i didnt know where to go if i went to the cafe they would know and i dont want them to know  where i am. i dnt want him to know where i am. i ran out the building and i got a cab to the airport. on the long drive there i kept thinking of what it could have been. once i got to the airport fans kept coming to me with cameras "please no photos." one fan asked me whats wrong. she had brown long hair, brown eyes, wearing a crop top that had 1D on it with pink skinny jeans toms and a green beanie. i told her to walk towords the bathrooms and out the door and wait around the building where no one goes. i left a few minute after and meet her there. we sat down on the grownd nd we started talking i told her all about what happend with zayn and ashley. she was so nice and she share one of her stories, she promised to not tell anyone, she was so nice about it, nice to me too. i gave her my number and told her not to give it out to anyone else. i found out she was a fan of me and liam the most and them harry and lou, she didnt really like zayn for some reason, she said something like hes all about swagg and she hates swagg she like casual, like me.  she made me feel conforable and i wanted to see her again so we went back in side and siad our good byes before it got internet viral. i walked over to the corner of the wall and called liam. louis answered. "hello?" he asked like he was worried. "hey its me where is liam?" "omg thank god your okay niall where are you?!" "where is liam i need to talk to him." "he is here but where are you?" "i need to talk to liam please louis," "ok liam phone" "hello niall?! omg where are you are you okay?!" "yeah im ok i just need to talk to you alone take me off speaker and outa the room with all the other lads." "okay" i hurd him take off speaker and he walked out of the room in to the washroom. "ok im in the washroom as you can hear....." "im at the airport going baack home to ireland and not coming back." "OMG! NO NIALL DONT! DONT LEAVE ONE DIRECTION!" "I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE KNOW THAT ASHLEY WAS CHEATING ON ME FOR ZAYN!" it got all quiet.."sorry liam for yelling i just need to get away." "no its okay and please dont go back home. stay at my hotel. i wont tell the boys but just please dont leave us, me. we all need you, one direction isnt a band with out our lepracon. what about your fans? we need you the world needs you." "can you come pick me up? and make sure you got alot of food in your hotel." we bother laughted and hung up. i looked around and saw a couple of guys walking up to me. i ignored them they looked like punks. one yelled at me to stay away from his girl. i didnt know what he walk talking about so i walked away next thing i know all i see is black. 


"hey guys im gonna go out and look for niall at you guys at louis hotel??" "wait im coming with you." zayn said standing up. "NO! good ill be fine" i say with a smile and leaving.i run to the car and drive to the airport. i tried calling niall back "c'mon c'mon! niall!?? answer!" i got out of the car and see niall in soem guys arms putting him in a car and i see a girl with drown hair and drown eyes tied up crying. i followed the car to its destination. i jumped out and saw the 2 guys. the girl saw me and started screaming. i hide behind a wall. i saw them take out niall and toos him on the floor. with no care who he was. he put niall and the girl beside each other. and started yelling. "MELANIE WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THIS JERK!? ARE CHEATING ON ME WIT HHIM!?" "just because you raped me doesnt mean we are dating!" i looked back at them and he slapped her in the face. she started crying. "WE ARE DATING AND I DIDNT RAPE YOU WE HAS SEX. AND YOU ARE DATING HIM!" "NO IM NOT WE ARE JUST FRIENDS!". i had enought of this he probably killed niall , raped a girl , abused her, this guy is a jerk! i ran back to the car and got the gun that simeon had gaven us just incase of an emergancy. this was one. i took the gun and ran back to the wall. i went from wall to wall closer and closer. the girl spotted me again. i put my finger on my lips saying shhh and pointed the gun at him. she shock her head no. i grabbed the guy by the neck and pionted thegun at his head scaring the other one, "SIT!" i yelled at the other guy.

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