all up to me

a girl named ashley goes to a one direction concert and meet one direction. she become good friends with niall and then starts to cheat on him with another band member . will she get cought??


7. it felt like a life time and i liked it


it had been almost and hour now and we where still in the bathroom with waiting for the fans to go home but wouldnt more kept coming. the door was locked and they almost broke it. ''look guys a window we can get outta there'' i said running over to a window. ''yaayyyy!'' they all yelled.  i tried to open the window but it wouldn't open. ''its not a real window... im smart'' they all laughted a bit. '' i need to ge outta here it smells bad.'' el said walking in a line. ''don't worry lads we will get outta here in no him. we just need to make a plan.'' just then we all got a text from liam, harry, and zayn. we made a plan and we where aboutto get out. i went up to the door and put my ear on the door. '' they are claming down'' then the door smasted open. i flew right to the ground. i started to cry my leg hurt so mush. i pretty much flew accross the bathroom. niall came running up to me. '' ash! are you okay?'' '' no! help!'' he picked me up and pushed me through the crowd. a girl came up to us and yelled '' she needed that! she took away niall! niall you would never choose a gil who wears that much make-up! you dont really love her no one does.'' '' so your a fan?'' he asked her '' yes!  why?!'' '' to me your not even a directioner if thats how you think the love of my life is. i will always love her. a true directioner would be happy not a jelly mean snobby one like you!'' '' niall!'' louis yelld from behind him. ''dont talk to me.'' he looked and turned around at louis and put me in his arms. ''lets get you to a hospital!''



'' omg i cant believe it i just yelled at a fan! who am i!? was i really changin?..... '' i said to my self thinking i was alone. ''no you just lost your cool.. and thats fine no one will know'' everyone there was to busy yelling to take pics or videos.'' i look to see zayn standing there. ''oh hey lad... did the plan work??'' ''yeah harry and liam are running now'' '' haha they really did get all of hem to chase him.'' '' not all theres a fan here to talk to you.'' ''oh urm.. ok..'' ''melanie? come see niall.'' '' hi.. im.. im melanie... i iwanted to know if i could...urm.... sing a song and see if you like it? since you and zayn are my most favourite in the band.'' ''yeah go head.'' i said with a  smile. she sang torn she was amazayn!! '' hunn how old are you?'' ''im 14'' ''your REALLY good!!'' ''thanx'' '' zayn what do you think?'' '' niall i am speach less!! that was soo good!!'' ''also i wanted to know if this is true... a person messaged my saying i was the lucky girl that was able togo to your conceert and spend a day with you guys. but then they wouldnt let me in..... did you guys choose me??'' '' idk but i would really like to show you to the lads! why dont you come to my flat tomorrow. meet me at.... the pizza shop beside starbucks.'' ''okay!! thanks!!'' '' no thank you you just made my day'' i stood up and gasve her a hug. and zayn and i went off to go to the hospital.

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