all up to me

a girl named ashley goes to a one direction concert and meet one direction. she become good friends with niall and then starts to cheat on him with another band member . will she get cought??


8. hospital


' why was this all happening to me. me!' i could barly keep my eyes open. things where getting blurry. i saw a doctor and then niall. things got more blurry every second. niall kept screaming my name and crying, a doctor was holding my arm and was telling me to try to stay awake. i blinked once then twice and then my eyes drifted shut. i felt someone kiss me on the lips. and whispered in my ear 'ilove you and im sorry for every thing that happend' everything turned black. i felt light headed more and more. i finally drifted away from this world and into my own one. i had seen niall he was with another girl. much prettier and more happy with her. i saw zayn in the corner and he looked like he had not looked in the mirror for a month or got new swag. louis was with some other girl who was not el. liam had grown his hair so much it looked like girls hair! and harry he was holding a dog and kept calling it his cat. every thing was wrong!


''It has been 1 month now that he has been gone.'' ''its gonna be okay mate every thing will gwt better i promis'' liam said to me putting his arm around my sholder to confert me. '' GUYS!! THE HOSPITAL CALLED SHE IS AWAKE AND CAN COME OUT TODAY WE NEED TO PICK HER UP COME ON COM ON!'' zayn yelled and ran outta the front door with a new style. '' wow he really changed!'' harry said as he came in. ''yeah.. you wanna come wiht us to go get ashley?'' ''nope. cant i am metting with melanie again today. me and justin bebs are metting up are metting with her so she can be fam fam like us.'' '' oh ok thats good!'' liam said walking to the front door and heading out.



 i had got to the hospital before niall and liam did. i went up to the front desk and asked what room she was in. room 103. room103. room 103.103! found it. i walked un the room and saw her. i ran up to hr and gave her a hug.  '' omg i missed you ashley how are you?'' ''who...who are you? how do you know my name!? get away!'' she jumped up in shocked and sat up. ''its okay im zayn remeber from one direction?'' just then niall and liam walked through the doors. i looked at them a tear slid down my face. '' we need to talk there is something wrong'' i take them outta the room and leavce the door open abit. '' she doeasnt remeber..'' niall broke down crying. i saw louis run up the stairs stop  and looked at us. ran over to niall and asked if he ws okay. next thing i know ashley is sining lyrics from moments. louis runs in. ''ashley!'' ''Louis!!'' '' you remeber me!?'' '' yeah... but who are the others? and whos the blond cute one?'' she whispered. i look away and almost start to cry. she loved niall but shes my girlfriend. i had asked her out whe nshe was in the hospital she siad yes. then he almot died i said i loved her and was sorry for everything that had happend and gave her a kiss on the lips. even niall was over her.. or semed like he was tell today.

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