all up to me

a girl named ashley goes to a one direction concert and meet one direction. she become good friends with niall and then starts to cheat on him with another band member . will she get cought??


11. dont kill anyone!

liams POV

i pushed the other guy on the floor. "Take off the ropes that are on them". i through the gun on the floor far away when they where away. she got up and punched the man who raped her. and i punched the other. the man got on top of her and punched her back. i pulled him off and punched him seval times. " go to the car. and go to the closest hospital to room 103 and get the boys to come help me."  she ran off. i was left here one on two. the boys where getting me bad i fell to the ground lots of times trying to getback up. then harry and zayn help out and put them down to the ground louis was with niall and the girl, harry and zayn was wit hme helping me up. one of the guys got up and grabbed the gun. niall then woke up. looking around and saw ashley walking in, the guy saw her and niall yelled out "ASHLEY!!!!!!" he pulled the trigger and shot her in the heart. she fell to the ground. harry and i got up running over to her. the girl went to niall and louis and zayn beat up the guys. melanie took naills phone and called the cops.  they took them away and got ashley to the hospital again. we got to the hospital and everyone was quiet. silent even melanie. she was sitting with niall. holding him while he cried in her arms. zayn didnt bother comming he just went back to the hotel and stayed there tell we got home. "hi im doctor bill. who is ashleys brother?" "i am" louis stood up whippimg off tiars."hi mr.tomlinson. can we talk alone?" "no its ok they can hear they all are like family to her." he was quiet for awhile "im sorry but ashley didnt make it thought the surgery..." louis fell to the ground crying. i picked him up and we went to go see her, before they put the blankets on her face.

we got back to the hotels and told zayn. niall went back to his hotel, zayn followed him.


"niall....? im so sorry for all this.. this is all my fault im so sorry that i got your girl friend to cheat on you.". "yeah this is your fault. and im sorry too... for thinking you where the best friend ever.". he got up and left.

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