Love or Hate

One day,Bella gets hit by a car and she is reecovering from her injuries while living in the same house as Liam Payne.One Direction was taking a break from their 3rd world tour and another tour will arrive in 4 months.Bella doesn't know that Liam like a huge crush on her.Her older brother is in jail and both her parents are dead.What's gonna happen to her next?More sadness and pain or happiness and love?


3. Shopping With Liam

Bella's P.O.V.

Liam told me that we were going shopping for clothes today because I can't keep on wearing his or his sisters. I got out of bed and took a quick shower.Mrs.Payne borrowed me some of Ruth's clothes but I can't wear them forever.

"Hurry up Bella,you're slower than a turtle!" Liam shouted from downstairs.

"Be patient Liam I'm a girl geez.I thought you have two sisters!" I shouted back at him.

"I do but they're much faster than you!" He yelled.

"Whateber." I said as I walked downstairs to see Liam's jaw on the floor."What's wrong?!?!"

"You umm look...Good?" He stuttered.

"Thank you?" What the hell was he trying to say?

"Ready?" He asked.

"Yup." We said goodbye to his family as we walked to the car.


"Try on this one." He sounded more like commending than asking.He showed me a purple flowy shirt.

"Why?" I questioned him.

"Try it.It won't kill you." aww how sweet.

I walked back to the changing room and changed.Why is he making me do all this? I walked out of the changing room in the shirt.

"You like it?" I asked nervously. I dom't usually ask people about my outfit,something's definitely wrong with me today. He just stood there staring at me with his jaws falling to the ground.

"Liam OMG I'll go change it if you don't-" Before I could finish he cut me off."I didn't say I didn't like it,it's just it's so beautiful on you and how it fits you perfectly." He said making me blush.

"Oh thank you." I said while blushing and staring at the ground feeling embarrassed to death.

"Bella you're all red." He said. I always had a trouble hiding my blush and my whole body just turns red when I blush. I turned around to go to the changing room and change back into my normal clothes. I couldn't stop thinking of those words that Liam has just said to me. I mean like no one has eber said that to me without laughing.

"Ok I'm read." I told Liam as I got all my new clothes.

"Alright let's buy you clothes now and next we will get you some shoes." He took out his wallet and pulled out his credit card.

"Oh no stop Liam.Please? These gifts are way too much.How can I repay you?" I can't just let him pay for it. He might even think I'm using him for money.

"Oh no no love,it's fine. You're living with me so you need things just like I do." He said while smiling at me.

"Oh thank you but serious I'll pay you back when I get a job." I thanked him and walked out of the store and headed to the shoes store. I tripped and fell to the ground.

"Oh my gosh, Bella are you okay?" He knelt to the ground to help me get up.

"Yes I'm fine. You know my legs are still a little shaky from the accidemt." I looked at the little bruise on my feet. I still felt really guilty about putting my own brother to jail. I loved him to death and I wonder what had changed him after our parents died. It's like he's a whole different person.

"Oh yeah be careful.If you need a break or anything be sure to tell me. Ok?" He took my hand and helped me up.

I nodded and continued walking to the store.

"Ok you can buy 8 pairs of shoes or more if you need to." He beamed at me.

"OMG 8! That's a lot of shoes,are you sure?" I looked at him like he was crazy.

"Yes I'm sur, go ahead and pick anything you like." I walked to the shelves and picked out what I wanted. I picked out two pairs of vans,one black and one baby blue. Then I got one pair of black UGG boots.Then I got two pairs of moccasins,one red and one tan.Next and my last pair of shoes was one pair of sandals that was white and had some pink on it and a pair of black heels just in case we go to a fancy restaurant or special event.

"Thank you Liam." I thanked him again for like twentieth today.

We left the stores and headed to the car to go home. I don't know why but Liam carried all the bags for me. He would'nt even let me carry one bag! Does this mean anything? Like all he did for me? Was he just being friendly or...?

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