Love or Hate

One day,Bella gets hit by a car and she is reecovering from her injuries while living in the same house as Liam Payne.One Direction was taking a break from their 3rd world tour and another tour will arrive in 4 months.Bella doesn't know that Liam like a huge crush on her.Her older brother is in jail and both her parents are dead.What's gonna happen to her next?More sadness and pain or happiness and love?


2. Moving in

Bella's P.O.V

I slowly opened my eyes to see that this time I'm in a blue room. I looked around slowly and saw Liam sitting on this chair in front of me.

"Your awake,how are you feeling?" He asked calmly.

"I'm feeling ok I guess where am I?" It was a boy's room obviously.

"Your at my house your in the guest room." I guess I was wrong.

"Oh" I wanted to get up so I did I took the covers off of me and tried to stand up when I fell hard to the carpet.

Liam came rushing to me and carried me back on the bed.

"Now be careful it seems your legs are weak since you haven't used them for a month now." He said as I finally realized I have been in a coma for a month now I need to re learn how to walk!

"Oh yeah but Liam" I reached my hand out to him.

"Yes?" He raised one of his eyebrows.

"Could you hold me up so I can start walking to get my strength back?" I giggled at his action.

"Sure would you like to get up now?" He asked sweetly.

"Yes please" I really need to start getting my strength back.

Liam got up and walked over to me to help my up. I put one of my arms around his shoulder and he grabbed my hand. Warmth is all I could feel it was really comforting.

We started to walk out of the bedroom door and down the hall. I was walking like a old lady but Liam seemed to have the patience for me which was sweet of him.

"Liam you don't have to help me all the time just to let you know" I said feeling bad that he had to take care of me when he could be hanging out with friends.

"What no no no I'm gonna help you if you like it or not!" He said with a smile on his face.

We finally got to the stairs and this was a challenge!

"Alright Bella one foot at a time if you feel like your gonna fall hold onto me!" He said holding my hand.

"Oh ok." I blushed at what he did.

I put one foot down at a time and I actually made it to the bottom safe.Liam then randomly picked me up to carry me to the couch.

"Huh what was that for?" I asked.

"You know you can't just keep walking right? Your muscles need to slowly regain its self." Wow he sounded like a doctor.

"Oh alright thank you." I said gratefully.

He smiled at me with his chocolate brown eyes and sat next to me. We then both stared at each other and I felt like I could hug him but then his mom walked in.

"Hi how are you Bella you feeling better now?" She was a really nice lady.

"Uh yeah thank you for letting me stay here Mrs.Payne I hope I'm not bothering you"

"No not at all you may just stay forever!" She laughed.

I smiled at her and layed back down and rested I then fell asleep.

Liam's P.O.V

Bella fell asleep so I got up and went to get a blanket for her. She looks healthier and I feel like she is safer here with me. I want her to stay with me. I wanted her to be mine,I want to call her mine but I don't think she has any special feeling for me.
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